murder and desire

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I'd love that Job!

Employ me Morrissey!

Thanks for your nice comments Raphael!

I wonder what happened to that chap who said he was going to but a number of unseen videos on here?

I wish there was more of that-
South with Morrissey

The rest of the footage from the Importance of being Morrissey etc


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On the subject of remasters...

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I would like to see a pull out poster included in it,
with the words on the back:- "Reissue, repackage, repackage, etc...."
Don't know why, it just occurs to me it might be relevant.....:lbf:


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Your cover is better than the horrible Bona's - both original and remaster.
I really don't like the backdrop colors from both ones which is terrible.

Wrong, the november still is unbelievable iconic and is the epitome of Moz, oh, and he always looks like he's having an orgasm. That's my theory dreary dearies.
box boxset remaster retrospective set
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