Moz wears Gucci who test on animals

Well, naturally, as an abolitionist I don't approve of his choice. As an imperfect person he likely has been guilty of hypocrisy. As have I (just not with the vegan thing). Still it's not some slippery slope where "Well Moz wears leather so he/we may as well eat dogs and dolphins!". That's an immature viewpoint that many try to use as an excuse to continue their completely unnecessary selfish behavior and cruelty. Any effort made to lessen the suffering death of innocent sentient beings is a net gain BUT the only truly consistent one is veganism. If Moz is portraying himself as a vegan these days he should live up to it. Not practicing what you preach is not helpful. Also my fandom of Moz is only enhanced by his ethical choices as most of the artists I patronize are not vegan.
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