Moz: To Die By Your Side - live compilation


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In the spirit of Nature's Trick, here's another compilation of live tracks, this time Morrissey stuff. Again, I don't remember the dates. The recordings are mostly recentish though (2000s and 90s mostly).

1. Jack The Ripper
2. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
3. Cemetry Gates
4. Now My Heart Is Full
5. Death Of A Disco Dancer
6. Sing Your Life
7. Roy's Keen
8. Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday
9. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
10. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
11. You Have Killed Me
12. Hairdresser On Fire
13. Girlfriend In A Coma
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (This recording isn't very good quality, but I used it because of how enthusiastically the crowd sings along.)

Download here.

Happy listening. :)


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Many thanks for the effort :thumb:


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Thanks again!
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