Moz spoofed in Stone Roses "The Second Second Coming" mockumentary

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By modrevolve on Jun 28, 2012 at 9:51 PM
  1. modrevolve

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    Nov 23, 2006
    Not the best impression but the Shaun Ryder is spot on!

    Jeff also sends the link:

    The Stone Roses Documentary You Won't Have Seen - blog

    David T (different) also writes:

    ...The fantastic British comedian Peter Serafinowicz does a surreal riff on Morrissey at 3:33. Worth watching.
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    1. Anonymous
      Totally cool Brit- rockers ...stone Ross are!! But dudes, we already have a Beavis and Butthead... Check it out at 1:50 or so... Good shut eh?? Pass it Ian!
      But seriously now, "all that matters IS the music!"m&d
    2. Anonymous
      Whose the gumba at 1:20?
    3. Anonymous
      Um, not worth watching.
    4. Anonymous
      Is this the official announcement that british comedy is dead?

      In that case I am the first to mourn it.

    5. dewdrop
      Worth watching, and brilliant.
    6. markmustb1
      Fools Gold -( entertaining)
    7. Guernie
      Very , very good !!!!!
    8. celibate
    9. Martin
      Quite funny.
    10. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      total piss take of band who have lost all credibilty,back in the day they were so original and cool,now its rock n rolls greatest swindle,doing it for money,seen them at ally pally,spike island,glasgow green and aberdeen,but refused to buy a ticket for this fiasco in mancfester.reni wearing a bandana and uses 2 bass drums,who is he fucking cozy powell,and brown wearing that silly tracky bottoms and adidas black trainers,looking like some manc tink away to steal some hub caps,oh please.
    11. Anonymous
      have you been watching the videos? the band sounds better then they ever did in 1989/1990.

    12. Anonymous
      To all the people that left negative comments - Don't be so bloody pompous! It's actually very funny, especially The Happy Mondays and Bobby Gillespie clips.

      I hope The Roses have the sense of humour to show this at Heaton Park this weekend.
    13. celibate
      You're mistaken with Blur

    14. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      yes it is very funny,i like it,but i think to reform is a massive mistake,its better to remember them as a great band before,now they look like old junkies.
      [email protected]
      ..A bit too late for that...!!!(...and......What "Celibate" said above..)..Welcome to "GRANDADCHESTER".....( Copyright: ME).
    16. Anonymous
      I hope the Smiths reform like the Roses. If they did it would be the best reformation of a band ever because they were the best band ever, better than the Beatles even. I think so anyway, and the Beatles never did reform. It's too late now most of them are dead. But the Beatles can't reform and neither can Joy Division. The Smiths can.
    17. HangtheDJ16
      It's good, but the Morrissey impression is actually dire!
    18. Anonymous
      The Morrissey impression is an insult, looks more like a bad impression of Mavis Riley from Coronation Street!!! I was waiting for the pathetic "I don't really know" at the end!
    19. Anonymous

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