Moz/Smiths song title to use in political tv commentary?


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Good friend of mine does political commentary for local NBC affiliate. "We" took a shot with "Is it Really So Strange?" in the past and are now looking for appropriate suggestions for him to slip into his commentary during the broadcast. I've thrown some stuff at him but it can't be "Life is a Pigsty" or similar ;)

The floor is open to suggestions! I'll post back if he agrees and pulls it off.

(I suggested "November Spawned a Monster" for obvious reasons)



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whats it specifically about? heck you could use the national front disco but that's pretty specific. How bout you're gonna need someone on your side?


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It's just his observations/commentary on the elections in general that are being held today in the US. So, yeah, it's a pretty broad range but also needs to seamlessly fit it into his natural wording. It's more of a "'cause he can" thing than trying to make a point with the song title.


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General coverage:
What difference does it make?

Anything with George Bush and the Iraq War:
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish

Democrat's possible disappointment at possibly not getting the Senate:
The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get

Any of those celebrity congress people:
Last Of The Famous International Playboys.

Bush as lame duck:
Stop ME IF YOu Think You've HEard This One BEfore

Bush's gaffes:
Bigmouth Strikes Again

Dick Cheney going hunting again:

Meat Is Murder

Thanks and goodnight

There you go I should have worked in tv!

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How about (they all relate to Bush, mainly)?

- (I'm) The End of the Family Line
- There's a Place in Hell for me + my Friends
- Sorrow will come in the end
- I've Changed my Plea to Guilty
- (on Bush/Blair-ism) Best Friend on the Payroll
- I'm Hated for Lying (sorry, I guess I can't have that, but couldn't resist)

Err...I think you know where I'm coming from on this...
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