MOZ @ Palladium Oct. 1st Roll Call

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Who's going? :)
And how early is everyone getting there? Any predictions on the lines, wait?
Anyway, uh, I feel lame, but I'm actually going alone so far. and I want to get there early, any chance any one would wanna buddy up to take turns waiting in line?
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weee, only today and tomorrow to stand in our way before monday comes along! :D

i'm going with my parents and my sis, but we wont get there until 4 or anyone with the 10-day package: what time will you be there?

ill be alone most of the other nights....:(


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i will be there for all ten shows. i dont know @ what time exactly i'll be getting there. i'll be going to hollywood from my work for 8 of the 10 shows.
Im only going the first and final nights (if I can score some seriously cheaper than cheap tix for some of the other nights, I'll roll to more) Im working tomorrow and just taking a taxi from my house to the venue. f*** parking, if youre not there at the Palladium by 2pm, guess what? YOURE NOT GETTING ANY! Hollywood parking is almost just as bad as West Hollywood parking. A friend of mine is suppose to meet up with me later on that day for the gig but, I'll be there around 2pmish. If anyone cares to come by and say hello that be awesome.
Its gonna be MAJOR kiddies, I wanna be f***in deafend by the "football" style Morrissey Morrissey MORRISSEY chant (this is the best example I could find in such short a time) , not the lame ass MOR-RI-SSEY.
Uh, why not just pay for parking?
im not strung up for cash, so im just gonna pay for parking

I used to just do that aswell, but, since its somewhat close to my house, not really but, really, I'd rather just have a taxi deposit me curbside smack in the front of the venue. Let someone else worry about parking and waiting. them two parkin lots they have will be a complete KAOS!


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I'll be there on the 2nd and the 13th...

will try to make other dates but I doubt it...
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