Moz on likely list for Perry-Brand wedding

Jeez, the love here is overwhelming. :rolleyes:

From what I've seen and read, Morrissey is not only fond of Russell, he appears to enjoy his company as well. They seem to be, well, friends.

Sure, it's a bit one-sided: Russell is clearly an obsessive of the first order, but it looks like he's acheived what so few others have been able to - a genuine intimacy (or at least what passes for intimacy) with Morrissey.

If Morrissey attends, he'd make a great best man; he would do wonders with the wedding toast. :D

Brand certainly appears to be an unlikely candidate for successful husbandhood, it's true, but good luck for all that.

I agree.
Morrissey keeping company with the likes of rihanna and david baddiel for russells sake would be a frightful travesty, if you ask me.

in as much as Brand and Moz seem to get on quite well. People on here can hate Brand and yes,yes,yes his films are utter dross and it's true that his stand up isn't funny anymore.
But the the drug like mix of new fame have left I feel he will do some thing quite interesting or at the very least do someone interesting.

I still adore watching ponderland
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