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they are doing a review of the world cup and during ronaldos piece they are playing You are the one for me fatty. And as Zidane is walking off the pitch in the final they are playing Dear God please help me!!!!!!

Cossy:) :)
Yes I saw that and only now got on to computer so was going to post.
I thought the Dear god bit, whilst showing the headbut, was more to do with Italy winning the cup?

Anyway - The Smiths have just been on BBC1!
Im watching some shite programme with Dawn French (whilst waiting for Match Of The Day - honest!) and they are holding auditions for the village pantomine.
A young girl gets on stage, dressed in black with black make up on, and sings the opening line to
Girlfriend in a coma
in a depressing tone. She gets told she has a part as the second line is cut....

The Goat - waiting for City's 2 minute clip tonight on MOTD :D
Haha, speaking of which, on the most annoying celebrities of 2006 on bb3 last night, 'bigmouth strikes again' was ironically being played over Jamie Olivers segment.
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