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Kev Gray: A Bit of a Genius
What is it with male British singers? Morrissey had the witty lyrics, and Morrissey had the soaring melodies. Unfortunately, Morrissey also had the foghorn baritone, and it sent most of his countrymen into a filthy depression. Billy Bragg didn't fare much better, his vocal chords producing more of a human rights violation than a singing voice.

Kev Gray, on the other hand, has the lyrics and the melodies in abundance, and he delivers them in a way that'd have Mozza stomping on his daffodils in a jealous, adenoidal rage. His delicate singing style owes something to the Paul Heaton School of Northern Sensitives, but don't be alarmed - Kev Gray comes without the obligatory Man-At-C&A outfit favored by others of his ilk. He's a northerner with style - in itself, something worth paying to see - and he's about to release a collection of some of the finest songs Japanzine has heard all year.

So, King Leer, what do you think? Have you seen this Kev Gray?

I was somewhat intrigued by the review that I sought out Gray's webshite. Unfortunately, I don't much like Kev Gray's mellow, high-pitched singing voice, and Gray's lyrics certainly aren't a patch on even Mozzer's most clumsy ones.

I love Mozzer's honeyed soi-disant "foghorn baritone" (of course!). While the reviewer didn't claim Moz to be a bass baritone, foghorn?! WTF. Billy Bragg's voice as a human rights violation? Funny, but really, it's not as bad as that. The reviewer's hyperbole undermine his credibility.

King Leer

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I was reading his bio and looking at some of the pictures as I listened to the songs and suddenly realized...(check your email) His singing reminds me of Paul McCartney and late 60s folk. As for Tokyo pub bands, I've heard much worse.

Reviewer's "assessment" of Moz' voice is lazy and amateurish (do foghorn baritones do high-pitched yodelling?) To say that Japanzine is an insular publication created by and for people who already know each other is a bit of an exaggeration, but not much...
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