Moz is a doughnut! (Doughnut Time - Sydney, AUS)

Having a stroll down King St, Newtown this afternoon on the lookout for Morrissey tour posters in the hope of getting one before they vanish, I was pleased see a few stores displaying them. Considering he's granted this city 'a moment to breathe' by not playing here, it did make my quest a little harder but happily, I succeeded. Thanks to the lovely girl in a juice bar for allowing me to take the one in her shop.

Apart from that, I stumbled across another cute tribute in the form of a doughnut! Yes, that's right, Morrissey IS a doughnut! You heard it here first. 'Doughnut Time' has a vegan doughnut called 'The Morrissey'.

Well, Sydneysiders, you can enjoy that while I dash on down south and then back up north to see him play two small town shows in Wollongong and Newcastle. I'm out of breath already!

Very exciting!

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Morrissey IS a donut
no, no, americans spell it donut. doughnut is the hoity toity way of spelling it, i think. so definitely british or austrialililian. my question is who would pay six dollars for a doughnut at all?!
Let us not begin the whole English/American spelling discussion...


Morrissey IS a donut
I reckon I thought Austrialililians were British people...
No, no, Australians are not British. We just happen to be the lucky ones to have Morrissey here in the country AGAIN at the moment for a few unexpected small size shows.

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