Moz interview in Musikexpress(+12 side spread) special

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  1. sistasheila

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    Feb 7, 2007
    EDIT:Scan+Translation there now
    A new interview
    -(here are a few snippets I remember) can somebody scan it?
    I only had a glimpse in it at a shop. And someone also do a full translation of the interview then?
    (if nobody has a scanner then somebody could write down the interview then?
    Interview was done by M. Sailer from ME
    questions raised were: what would oscar wilde would think about Yor, moz says good things about chrissie hynde,speaks about jerry finn
    about attending the oasis gig"they were near and they had lots of avaiable alcohol thts why i was there"
    the jewellery on the babys head"he was born with it "
    the jewellery on his arm "I was born with it":p

    thts all what I remember from ,has more Q (interview one side long)

    the attractive 12 side spread opens with a very beautiful moz pic with i didnt know before(i know some other pics from this session but the pic sown there might be unseen-at least to me) and the next pages show an article about morrissey from 1959-til now
    and a dig at NME and some single covers and other nice pics
    also rated smiths /moz albums and YOR is the album of the month

    from their website:

    50 Years of refusal - so könnte man Morrisseys Leben vielleicht zusammenfassen. Enigmatisch, hoch talentiert und so beständig wie kontrovers, ist er laut unserem großen Dossier "der letzte echte Star der britischen Popmusik und ihr größtes Rätsel". Dieses Rätsel versucht Autor Michael Sailer aufzudröseln. Steven Morrisseys Kindheit als Mitglied einer verarmten irischen Arbeiterfamilie wird geschildert, ebenso wie seine ersten Berührungen mit Popmusik als Schuljunge in Manchester, die ersten Gehversuche von The Smiths und sein Neuanfang als Solokünstler Anfang der 90er.

    Pünktlich zum Erscheinungstermin vom neuen Morrissey-Album YEARS OF REFUSAL kann man im neuen MUSIKEXPRESS auf 12 Seiten unter anderem lesen, wie sich Morrissey bereits als Junge von seinen gleichaltrigen Kameraden abhob. "Steven ist ein glühender Fan von T.Rex", schreibt Sailer über die frühen 70er Jahre, "liebt David Bowie, zeichnet ihre Gesichter in Schulhefte, schwänzt die Schule, um Konzerte zu besuchen, träumt sich selbst zum Star, nicht ahnend, dass die Ära, in der Pop keine Begleiterscheinung des Lebens, sondern das ganze Leben selbst war , unweigerlich zu Ende geht und er die Grabrede halten wird."
    Unzählige weitere Einsichte in sämtliche Lebens- und Karriereabschnitte des Steven Patrick Morrissey gibt es im großen Dossier im ME 03/2009.

    the i ME nterview is pretty short compared to the lovely Rolling stone interview
    but still quite nice: short and sweet

    only the cover shown there on the ME site but not the interview or the review
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    Feb 21, 2008
    My mum was just asking me about that, how funny.
  3. sistasheila

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    Feb 7, 2007
    didnt he say that about(almost) every album at the moment it is released?
    but I so wonder:,yes.....I do remember him saying in an interview during vauxhall tht he said that he knows that he cant top vauxhall and saying that its his best ( from inrock mag?)
    and 14 years later he view "YATQ, ROTT and Yor as his best..from the HOt press interview
    and now YOR is the best
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  4. Orson Swells

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    Apr 26, 2006
    He never said it about Kill Uncle.

    And, indeed, Quatty, Ringleader and Years are three of his best albums.
  5. JoeSellMozza

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    Jun 1, 2000
    Bremen, Germany
    Ok, I´m too lazy to scan all the parts, but here are the most interesting ones. What do you think from what year are the unseen pics?

    Greetings - Joe

    P.S. Can anybody scan the Filter-Interview please? :rolleyes:
  6. sistasheila

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Translation of me- INTERVIEW

    Q: How do you feel just shortly before you began to promote a new album? Do you feel anticipation or are you apprensive?

    A: I am relieved that is has been completed and it can now happening out there.
    Im concerned about the reactions but I always expect the worst. I think, thats the best to do cause the every thing else happening, is a bonus.

    Q: So: Overmodest, so therefore you wont be disapointed then?

    A: Ha.thanks. I'll make a note of that. It just doesnt make sense having big expectations.
    At the end this will only hurt you.

    Q:Its the first record without Alain Whyte not playing on it. Did that influenced the recording?

    A: It hasnt't changed much actually, I am doing this for a long time now and have worked with so much different musicians,
    The core lies general in the Identity I add to the music.
    So everything stands or falls (/is the linchpin) with that-and nothing else.

    Q: How was the work with Chrissie Hynde on Shame is the name? She obviously knows her craft.

    A:Oh yes ,she does, haha. I have worked with her previously on "My love life".
    She is a remarkable person. She is funny and doesnt know it.
    She is an extraordinary whirlwind of humour, elan, life and hysteria, all that combined with an extraordinary voice. An Unicum.

    Q:What was the idea behind the album cover?

    A: I did have the feeling that my whole life-some people call it a career-
    is a Refusal of pretty much everything, and of not complying.
    Sebastian does give the whole thing a human element, thats why he is there.

    Q: He has a jewel butterfly on his head..

    A: he was born with it.

    Q: And you had a jewel reptile on your arm...

    A: I was born with it.

    Q:If Oscar wilde would be alive,what would he have said about the album?

    A:He would be thrilled and would listen to it endlessly in his free time.
    I have no idea, really. I have no idea what anyone thinks about it to be honest.

    Q: what does make this album your best?

    A:It is it, simple as that. I just know its my best and everybody also know it is as well.
    It has something to do with survival, not just simply the recognition that one has suffered
    and did hang in there.
    "Oh its incredible, that you still hobble around with one leg and cross-eyes after all those years",its not just simply that though it plays a part in that. the songs are stronger and my life was always only about songs,nothing else.
    Im not here for any other reason.

    Q: were you relieved that your statement in "america is not the world" was disproved?

    A: Im very satisfied, yes. Im relieved that I have become an antiqued instrument, haha.
    I dont expect that it (the election of a black president) did happen so fast or that it did happen at all. Its indicative that unexpected things still can happen today.
    And its of course wonderful for america and we have to give him a chance.
    If one consider how fuddy-duddy (narrow minded) America is in general, its remarkable.
    if that country has returned to john mc cain and sarah palin, that horrible person..I think america would have been cursed forever.

    Q: did you plan some surprises /something special for your 50th birthday concert?

    A: I have never planned anything special or spectacular in my life. What on earth could I do which is special? the only surprise is that Im still alive, that I reached this point, that Im alive and not stuck in a body bag. Anything further than that I dont wish for.

    Q: Arent you happy to play a concert on your birthday in your hometown?

    A: Yes I am but not because I expect anything special happening. Its just another nice episode in a very bizarre story.

    Q:jerry finn, the producer of YOR did die a month ago before YOR was finished completely....

    A: he died very fast and unexpected at the age of 38. I just remember when er were all in his house and listened to YOR. One week later he had an heart attack, one day after a brain hemorrhage. I did spend his last two weeks of his life with him in the hospital and saw him wither away.
    Its a lesson for us, but one we never appreciate. We do continue further to worry about the most marginal things in life and the most ridiculous things gets us down. Its very sad, cause there is no security exisiting on any level

    Q:The sound is surprisingly rocking. was that intended or did the studio work change the songs?

    A: mostly the songs follow the voice and when the voice is challenging, the music is. no there was never a masterplan, its just flowing.

    You are writing your autobiography. ho does it go ahead?

    A: the book makes some good, interesting progresses. first I thought the civilisation will be blown away, but Im not so sure right now. the publishing company do expect quite a lot from it and that people think all of a sudden that I HAVE INTERESTING STORIES to tell, and they arent completely wrong. but we will see.

    Q:You did visit an oasis concert recently..

    A: For a start, theyre nice people. I have met them throughout the last years a few times, theyre very funny, and we were near, and normally lots of avaiable alcohol is around..I dont need more reasons!
    But I dont want to read any bad stories about them, and of course theyre from norwich..I mean..Manchester.
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    May 3, 2006
    Thank you so much for the translation!

    "It has something to so with survivial, not just simply the recognition that one has suffered and did hang in there."

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    Oct 16, 2006
    the back of beyond..(and a bit further again)
    Thankyou for this translation Sista

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