Moz in studio photo with Devon Taylor (sousaphone) and Joe Chiccarelli

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By NealCassidy on Aug 11, 2018 at 12:53 PM
  1. NealCassidy

    NealCassidy Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2014
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    1. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Well, looking into the IG handle, the fellow in the middle seems to be Devon Taylor, a bass, sousaphone, and tuba player.......
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    2. Anonymous
      But he’s stood next to a brown fella.
      Skinny won’t be happy !
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    3. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      From his IG story:
      tubared~1533950980~1843236882454768512_226958606.jpg 20180811_131521.jpg

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    4. vegan.cro spirit# 112
      vegan.cro spirit# 112
      didnt skinny, chezz and mao xxx his career? I swear I read it on solow.:rolleyes:

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    5. mcrickson
      So we can expect a John Phillip Sousa march to be included on the covers album.
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    6. Anonymous
      Moz does retain a talent for saying a lot with an expression. In this case it's: "Look at this everyone! I managed to find a black person so I could pose for a photo with him like he's a fucking elk I just shot, and here I am, literally a couple of inches away from him! So, you can all apologise in your own time."
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    7. NealCassidy
    8. SuedeMoz
      There's something Muppetish about Morrissey's expression here.
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    9. Anonymous
      Is 'spanky tuba' some kind of euphemism, like 'rusty trombone'? Asking for a friend. :oops:
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    10. g23
      It kind of looks like he's had his face shot full of fillers. Especially in the forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes.
      Either that, or he's just the unwitting Ponce De Leon to Sam's digital fountain of youth again.
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    11. vegan.cro spirit# 321
      vegan.cro spirit# 321
      "the unwitting PONCE DE LEON"??:rolleyes:
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    12. g23
      Better than a witless ponce. You've got that one locked down.
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    13. celibate
      Good to read Morrissey is in the studio with Joe C , who produced, as youall know, the last 2 albums, is it a cover album, or new songs.
      Don't know if the band , well Boz, Gustavo, Walker,Lopez or Tobias

      Interesting, thanks
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    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Christ. He’s covering The Floral Dance.

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    15. Light Housework
      Light Housework
      What a funny face Moz has in this photo.
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    16. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      With Charles Krauthammer’s death there’s a gap in the market.

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    17. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      Waiting for AC to show up and insist Moz is doing Stars and Stripes Forever!
    18. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Boz has been Stateside since the 6th:


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    19. Anonymous
      That's a great photo! Morrissey is such a beautiful man. Love him
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