MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

I'm going. I've been there twice. Once to see The Mars Volta and the other to see Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. I got nothing bad to say about it. Aragon sounds better but it's not that bad. I hear security is bad but haven't experienced anything negative. I also heard they got a new sound system that sounds better than the old one. But who cares really, I mean c'mon... It's M O R R I S S E Y!!! I'm excited to see both him and KY. It shall be a great night. <3
Coming from Connecticut!
Anyone know of a hotel that is close?

Not much within walking distance of the venue as far as I can tell. Stay downtown in the Loop area, near the Blue line train. Then it's an easy ride to-and-from. At least that's my plan.

Hopefully a bar(s) nearby the venue will have a pre and/or post party.
I have a ticket waiting for me at the other end if I can raise the flight money. This is pretty unlikely but I'm going to try EVERYTHING in my power to be there! :thumb:


Love Alma xxx
i might be coming up from tampa for this, if the boss allows time off. using a grip of vacation days to go see portishead in nyc first of october. kinda wish i would have known when i requested my vacation days. heres to fingers being crossed.
The GOOD news?

I only went and actually won the Friday night EUROMILLIONS lottery!!!! :bow:

The BAD news?

I won £7.60! :tantrum:


Love Alma xxx
Moz and Coz at the same time..Minds are gonna be blown!


I have a ticket waiting for me at the other end if I can raise the flight money. This is pretty to try EVERYTHING in my power to be there! :thumb:


!!! Really?! :guitar: I'd love to finally meet you! :love:
I'm coming from London and the girly is coming up from West Virginia, popping her Mosser cherry after over 20 years. Anyone can recommend a decent boozer for before and afters I'd appreciate it as I've never been to Chicago.
It's so funny, really: I've heard so many different reviews of The Congress as a venue, ranging from 'bloody awful' to 'one of the better sound systems in the city,' etc. It's one of the reasons I, at first, felt like I might have to miss the show. Then, I broke down and thought, "You know, I can sniff now, but when the week of the show comes along, I'm going to be pissed I don't have a ticket." The toughness of security and the overall laxness re the bar staff seems to be more true than not. And for sure the theater has 'character,' or else it's simply falling apart (smile). I suppose, in the end, it's all about proximity to Moz, the songs, the band, etc. General admission it is; no seats per se, though I don't know what they'll try to set up. No moat, so that's very good...
I wasn't going to go (saw him at the Aragon in '09, was about second row), but after thinking about it and checking out some of his setlists from this summer I thought what the hell.

I won't be getting into the city until about 5, so I won't be as close, but I'll survive. Taking the moat out of the equation, and that doesn't sound that bad.

What time are doors? It says 7?
I may be going. I hear the venue is an absolute shithole. Can any locals confirm or deny? I have a high tolerance for shitholes (perhaps even a penchant for them.... I grew up going to the Rat in Boston), so no skin off my back. Just curious.

It depends on what you like. if you like venues like House of Blues you will hate this place. For me, this brings what I miss from England since the place reminds me of Brixton academy in London. A proper venue made of an old 1920's theater with marble stairs, standing room only, etc. The acoustics are pretty good to but again, it depends of what you like.
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