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By Uncleskinny on Oct 2, 2011 at 3:18 PM
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    Statement -
    1 October 2011

    Morrissey is delighted at the speed of ticket sales in Puebla, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who has bought tickets.
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    1. Anonymous
      However is David T has purchased any tickets he will have a proper hissy fit and will have him ejected from the venues by mr BIG
    2. Anonymous
      Well, you are very welcome Dear Mozz. Now please open more dates for Mexico City, since the venue is a former deco movie theater , very romantic, very trendy and very very tiny.
      I was lucky enough to find 2 tickets for each day (General), but I´m going alone, so if anyone is interested....
    3. albertp
      sure...expectation and exciting starts growing up....these it would be my 3rd and 4rd time enjoying your show VIVA GUADALAJARA & MOZZ
    4. SirTuborgnights
      Oh yes another "STATEMENT" from the master!!!
      I love his "STATEMENTS" they're so regal.
      I wonder what the next one will be about?
      Does anybody have a favourite "STATEMENT" from the master?
      I wish sometimes he'd tell us "STATEMENTS" like what time we should go to bed or what vegatable meals we should be eating
      or what other bands we should listen to.
    5. johnson
      More and more disgusted.Repulsive and stupid man.
    6. Anonymous
      And we are happy with the video for my pal Henric De la Cour's new video for his new single "Dracula". We're not crazy or anything, we are just swedes!

      Urban the swede (still spitting canary feathers from Saturday)
    7. Anonymous
      Morrissey has been opening his mouth a lot recently. Could it be that he's a little jealous of all the attention that Johnny Marr and the Smiths box set is getting?
    8. Anonymous
      San Francisco at the Fox is sold out as well. Dang!!!!
    9. Anonymous
      Hey Moz , ever care to come to Costa Rica? It's next door from Mexico, all Central American fans would roadtrip down here (CR has become the gig hub for the region) and you'll meet an army of such adoring fans and awesome cultural richness that you will probably skip Mexico altogether next tour on...
    10. saintssmileshyly
      The fact that a musician of Morrissey's stature watches the speed of ticket sales is sad and pathetic. It really is petty and unworthy of "news" or a "statement". He cannot fill larger venues any more, and it is unsettling that the greatest lyricist of the 20th century and beyond watches the Ticketmaster numbers click like the NYSE. As long as he is lining his pockets during this second installment of the "Wilderness Years", he must derive some pleasure from some aspect of his current stature and relevancy. The cash weighs so heavy on my back. No record promotional team...biography on the horizon (Thank God)....petty tantrums....seemingly no interest from record desire to self-publish the music and distribute ala Radiohead....lazy and characteristically without regard for his fans.
    11. Anonymous
      I have one extra ticket for each date in Mexico City, I´m looking to trade in for a Puebla one (vip or preferente). ([email protected])

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