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new morrissey lyrics

is there a website that has all the newer morrissey releases and thier lyrics like you are the quarry, rott, and yor?


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Re: new morrissey lyrics

Cherrylipstick, it is a great site. Thanks for that
Cheers Moz


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Re: new morrissey lyrics

thank you alli like to post his lyrics on my facebook notes page and that way people can ask me about the songs and i can share my love on morrissey, plus a lot of his songs are how i feel anymore.

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Years Of Refusal Lyric Sheets

This my be old news, but I couldn't find anything about it through the search function, so I'll post it anyway:

During the official pre-listenings of the new album, lyric sheets were handed out to the journalists. I just found a link where someone (not me) has uploaded scans of the whole thing:

YOR Lyrics

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Re: Years Of Refusal Lyric Sheets

Thanks for this.

And I'm sure you all have noticed in "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" that he mentions "HRT." My husband the psychiatrist said this must refer to hormone replacement therapy and questioned why Morrissey would have mentioned this one. I told him he's very clever and crafty, that's why!


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Years Of Refusal Lyrics

Excuse me! :) Where can i find the lyrics from the brand new album?:horny:
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