Moz at The Pigalle Club: Years of Refusal lyrics scans


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This morning at The Pigalle club on Piccadilly Morrissey introduced Years Of Refusal to about 60 people, mostly journalists I presume.
I loved it. He was looking good.
Don't bother with the thumbnails, here are the lyrics (this time large enough to read)
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Re: Years Of Refusal lyrics

I cannot wait to hear him sing "woo."
"Choke myself to please you" HAHAHA WHAT

oh mozzer

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Re: Years Of Refusal lyrics

These look fantastic, thank you. But any chance of an enlargement? My eyesight isn't what it once was I am afraid.


Re: Years Of Refusal lyrics

Wow, lucky you!

Thanks very much for the heads up.

Which publication or website we'll see your photographs of Morrissey? :)


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Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo'

From Q News:

Morrissey unveiled his new album today, possibly his most rocking collection to date. And the man himself was on hand to introduce the new release, Years Of Refusal, which is due out on February 16.

Moz quipped that the child on the cover of the album was his own when he appeared at a playback for the 12-track release. “I’m the person in the picture which is not Photoshopped – that’s my son. This is my new album. Please, God, you like it,” he said as he premiered the album at London’s Pigalle club.

The new album is heavy on power chords on tracks on opener Something Is Squeezing My Skull, but there are touches of Mariachi elsewhere, while You Were Good In Your Time is lush and cinematic, ending with a wash of effects and snatched noises.

Morrissey said nothing about a report in today’s story in the Mirror that The Smiths were about to reform.
Re: Years Of Refusal lyrics

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

You Were Good In Your Time is heartbreaking. :tears:

I love them all, lyrics wise anyway. :sweet:


Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo'

Many thanks for the download link.


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Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo'

Thank you, Anin. It's all very exciting.


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Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo'

Thanks, these are great! I like Black Cloud especially, and When Last I Spoke to Carol is intriguing...

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Re: Moz at The Pigalle Club today 'doing promo'

Aww man, I'm just about ready to dash out the door. No time to read right now.

Maybe I should wait til the album comes out.


I'll be back.

Thanks, Anin!!!
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