Moz and Steve Jones photo posted on @jonesysjukebox / Instagram

Moz and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols (in case you didn't know). From Jonesy's mildly amusing instagram feed. Some amusing comments as well. Not quite sure where Mr Jones' right hand is.

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Always crashing in the same car
Noooooo! I remember that as the B-side of Lennon's Starting Over (which I bought at the time). I grew up with punk/new wave but thought that was horrendous. Just had a listen to see if was as bad as I remember. Curiously, it was.
I completely un-ironically love that song. Yoko has some high points amid her many low or unlistenable points.


Always crashing in the same car
Kiss kiss kiss is a great song, gotta be a retard not to enjoy that one. :thumb:

FLY is actually my favorite record by her.

Dig this also....

It's really listenable (Fly) and great for when I'm in a manic mood. She's a total kook, but talk about forging your own path even when the world is against you, I think she's a contender for top 3 on that.

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Reckon they are re-enacting the "incident" at SFO. I me reckon not sure if Air Steve is trying to recruit Jonesy for his over 50 Venice Beach Basketball League team or Jonesy is trying to get Air Steve in to professional eating m8 inn n n n nnn n n nnn n n n n n n it.
I reckon people call you "Air Douche bag?"


My secret's my enzyme.
Too many cool ppl in this picture.

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