Moz and Steve Jones photo posted on @jonesysjukebox / Instagram

Moz and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols (in case you didn't know). From Jonesy's mildly amusing instagram feed. Some amusing comments as well. Not quite sure where Mr Jones' right hand is.

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Never mind the Bollocks was my first ever ever album i bought in 1982 and it all went uphill from there. two of all my all time heros in one image! Oh "you silly thing" where's jonesy's hand? probably friggin moz's riggin!!!!

Heres a great interview with jones and paul-me-cock-cook!

Eddie Riff

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Reckon are you fooking serious mate inn nn n n n it? It's Moz Angeles, but impossible to tell where from the pic. Uncle Steve and Steve have been hangin' out a lot lately about town because reckon William Michael Albert Broad is on tour. Two LA boys, but me reckon Jonesy doesn't play basketball and Uncle Steve can't devour two Cinnabons at the Beverly Center inn n n n n n n it.

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Well what does he expect when he wears these open shirts down to his navel making him irrestiable to man or beast. Where were his parents??


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Morrissey and his funny faces!!! Who cares where their hands are!! Let them enjoy!


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I think that Jonesy and Lydon should strip off and engage in some nude oil wrestling.
I'd watch that.

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