'Moz and I' Spanish Morrissey-documentary on Netflix now

New on Netflix this week is this Spanish documentary from 2019, that follows Luis Le Nuit, a DJ and diehard Morrissey fan, exploring his personal evolution and the indie music scene in Barcelona.
Featuring Manuel Ríos of fanzine Morrissey, Drive Me Home and Mikel Erentxun who famously covered The Smiths and Morrissey to a large Spanish-speaking audience, as well as many other current Spanish indie-artist.
A documentary with a particular stong finale.

Trailer (2016):

An anonymous person also notes it is on Netflix in Europe / UK but not US yet.

UPDATE June 6:

This Charming Bowie posted the link of the film trailer now on Morrissey Central:

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Why turn this into a political jab or commentary? Netflix is airing the M documentary — a film about loving an artist who’s been deemed by many as the opposite of woke. And they’ve stood behind Dave Chapelle and his art, when so-called “woke” individuals have called for him to be cancelled.
I am not sure why you are asking me this or telling me this, I don't care.
Totally agree with the fans part. Only the MAGA cult is a worse collection of people.
Well done you for managing to shoehorn politics into your post. You get ten bonus virtual signalling points for doing so :thumb:
How do you differentiate? I'm not trying to stir the pot or be combative.
because there is people who have been coming on here for years who have literally no interest in M but come on here and look for things that arent there.
most documentaries have a lull at some point.
the only thing worse than M fans is people pretending to be M fans.
How do you differentiate? I'm not trying to stir the pot or be combative.

That’s easy. You tie their hands and feet together and throw them in a lake, then wait and see who floats or not. I thought everyone did it this way.
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