Moving through the silence - Celebrating the life and legacy of Ian Curtis


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It's 40 years since Ian Curtis died today. Discussion tonight should be interesting.


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I reckon he didn't die, he killed himself. I reckon this is another example of the huge list of differences between the California Son and you foreigner Protestants. In all of the California Son's bullshit lyrics written for him about being depressed, go brittin bricksit, and warm summer days indoors, he is a devote Roman Catholic who is at mass every Sunday at Our Lady of Malibu with Nancy and the California Son Junior and sometimes his mom and dad are there. The California Son enjoys life in his hometown Moz Angeles. You people are so lost fark arse chipper curry c*** tit twat innn nn nn nnnnnnn nn nn nnnn nnnn it.

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I hope Brandon Flowers doesn’t allow his children to listen to Ian Curtis! OMG! I mean, what a a bad influence! They may want to kill themselves, or watch Herzog films, which I don’t believe Mormons are allowed to do.


Oh my

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Oh... I was thinking today that it will NEVER happen, but that I would really like to listen to a Joy Division cover by Morrissey!!!!!
(I know that he is not really a JD enthusiast... but the singing style is so distant that it would be interesting to listen to it... he would never take the easy way of trying to become a Curtis impersonator).

One of those dreams that will never happen.

[though after his nice article about Genesis, I may have the hope of listening to a Psychic TV cover by Morrissey, it would be strange and fantastic!).

Yes, I know it's not going to happen either... but t would be nice.
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