Movies Mozza loves

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In August 2006 French TV Canal Plus interview, Morrissey mentions Jean-Luc Gordard's " Band A Part", watching Claude Brasseur's films helped him to get over darkest period.

The film is very inspirational-Tarantino named after his production company and recently Bertolucci recreated a scene in "The Dreamers".

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On other thread Dougal quoted an interview in 1994, Morrissey admitted he cried watching "Jane Eyre" and "The Wuthering Heights" on TV, the first film versions I guess. I reckon that he loves watching most of the films shot in 1930s and 40s.
I don't know if he likes movie "Wuthering Heights". He actually said he cried watching "Jane Eyre" (the version with Orson Welles, I suppose?) and then said that things like "Jane Eyre", "Wuthering Heights" and "Well Of Loneliness" make him cry. It wasn't clear in the interview if by "Wuthering Heights" he meant the movie or the novel (there is no movie adaptation of "Well of Loneliness", at least I haven't heard of it). I hope it's the latter, as I adore the book and hate every movie adaptation of it. None of them comes close to capturing the spirit of the book. He definitely does love the novel, he named Emily Bronte as one of his favourite authors (together with George Eliot, Oscar Wilde and Radclyffe Hall, the author of "Well Of Loneliness") in the Kill Uncle toorbook questionnaire. I think he also mentioned it as one of his favourite book in a radio interview, I can't remember which one.
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