Most hated member


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Probably the Robster. (Who was banned, I saw, what happened? )

Is that you in your avatar Emma? You're very pretty!
Contrary to what Flaxie may think :rolleyes:, I don't hate any of the members here... some do annoy the me a little, a few annoy the f*** out of me a lot (mainly follower sheep in GD) but for the most part people are ok-cool around here... My fav posters are the ones with a good sense of humor who don't take things too seriously <3


Some of the most hated members include Paul, Theo, and Belligerent Ghoul.


from the Ice Age to the dole age
Erm, I was gonna say Paul...
**u have been *e-leminated freeyourself ginger balls i vote for me paul where's oye?
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