Most expensive collectible items? 3 categories - 1. Smiths 2. Morrissey 3. 1-of-a-kind Items



What is the most expensive SmithsMorrissey rarity or collectible item you have bought?? Or know someone has paid via an auction or eBay or Morrissey-solo Market Place?

From the Omega Auction, Item #288 sold for £5000 ($6232) not including fees- THIS could be the highest price ever paid! Correct me if I am wrong?
Item # 288 - THE SMITHS HATFUL OF HOLLOW SLEEVE DESIGN HAND DRAWN BY MORRISSEY - Actually sold for £6,400 ($7990) with fees.
Full list here.

Given the recent sale/high prices paid for rarities from Geoff Travis (Omega Auction), I wonder if a list can be compiled for the most collectible items by highest price paid in this thread?? Surely the Omega Auction has created some new high prices, as well as new 1-of-a-kind items.
Listing the top 10 or 20 items by highest prices paid could create a benchmark for collectors. I suggest 3 Categories:
1. Smiths
2. Morrissey
3. 1-of-a-kind Items

Any & all input appreciated.


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It sold for £5,000 tho, that’s the official price.

it’s still the highest sold I know of.

My Barcelona poster is one of the highest recored too, at £3,000. Some Reel Around The Fountains have matched that. (And maybe surpassed, privately)

Hand In Glove Negatives, have done £4,000

A couple of my items are amongst the highest recorded on eBay..

The Smiths - “Hong Kong” LP, 1984 Debut with orange titles. March 2018, sold for £1,869, or $2,400, if you’re American.

St. Austell poster, done £1,221 ($1,568)

another high one that springs to mind is an RTD25 promo for £1,500. (Was a beauty to be fair with an unusual splatter effect)


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So you own a Barcelona Poster? - assume extremely HTF. I imagine only a handful exist??
I would consider most of what you mention above extremely rare to 1-of-a-kind items with the exception of "The Smith's" LPs. Just wondering where do these rarer items get sold - Ebay? Msolo Mkt Place? Discogs? Omega Auctions? Christies?

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I believe this was the last update (?) to the Record Collector rarities list.
2k was the highest value there.
I'm sure the market value of a lot of things has changed since and the Omega auction needs to be factored in for part of any future update.
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