Morri'Zine creator Nicole Garrison featured in Pop Candy / USA Today

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Feb 3, 2012.

    1. jimmotherwell
      this is why i keep coming back to this site, great article thanks for posting
    2. Leather Elbows
      Leather Elbows
      Nicole was and I'm sure is still a very cool lady. Nicole and her crew were keeping us informed about everything Moz back before the internet. What ever happend to Rob?! I heard scary things. *shrug*
    3. Sharron Needles
      Sharron Needles
      I still have most of these, along with the others like SYL, Darkened Underpass, etc. Interesting read as I thought she was kind of over it, because I remember when she was selling all of her Morrissey RIAA gold/platinum cert. records on Ebay years ago, for quite a hefty price. Anyways, they were great zines at the time because they were the only really way to find out a lot of tour/recording information without phoning up Ilene & Howie all of the time, and constantly annoying them (which I did a lot of). No idea what happened to Rob.
    4. devout
      I remember buying one outside of Brixton Academy.

      How did we survive without the internet?

    5. Anonymous
      This is an interesting little source of discussion, because pre-internet fan communications held MUCH more respectability and worth. Can I suggest further comments are placed on the original thread for this, so they are all together? As an 'old' fan, I have fond memories of several fanzines, and waiting for them made them more special. Can you imagine how special Solo would be if you had to wait three months between reading each update and paying for it? Not to mention walking to the nearest post box each time you replied to a discussion. Ahh, they were the days my friend....
    6. Anonymous
      Get off my lawn etc.
    7. Gin N Tonic Jil
      Gin N Tonic Jil
      My sister bought one outside the now infamous UCLA/Pauly Pavilion gig in 1991. It was a light blue card stock type cover with several white photocopied pages with the typings on a dodgy typewriter. I LOVED it. I decided to subscribe and can recall how much I would badger my mother or mailman, quizzing them for the whereabouts of my quarterly MorriZines. Every issue was a big event. I could not read it with a lot of commotion going on around the house during the day, siblings were doing homework, mom was cooking dinner with the blender and TV going on at full blast. My dad having full command of the remote control he'd flip through channels all the time! No, a Zine reading had to take place when the house is quite, when all are in bed fast asleep. when my dad could be heard lowly snoring in bedroom right across my room. By then I had recently been gifted with a brand new Sony Discman, and snap on my headphones, I would play my Moz at KROQ ep on repeat along with newly acquired cds of the queen is dead and their debut. Kill Uncle and Your Arsenal reigned supreme though. as I flipped through the pages, this outside world of Morrissey would come to life with all the incredible stories the Zine produced. Reading fan accounts of gigs in the UK, hysteria sweeping through Japan, filled my arms with goosebumps, leaving me full of joy that there were OTHER fans, that felt JUST LIKE ME somewhere in the world.
      i wasn't alone.
      EVERY zine would receive at the very least 3-4 full readings.
      how many fans got to meet Morrissey, and how random it seemed, I wished I would someday be so lucky. My wish first came true at the Johnny Rogan's BookSoup signing of "The Severed Alliance" in 93. I'll never forget that moment when I first laid eyes on him. From a personal standpoint, I feel those years 88-96 were my most memorable and most cherished years as a Moz/Smiths fan. And as I reflect back now, those Zines, SYL, Darkened Underpass, Charming, A Chance to Shine, MorriZine and several others, were a massively internal part of my addiction to all things Morrissey/Smiths....Thank you to all the ppl who contributed their stories and experiences.
      Oh, oh, truly I love you
      Oh, wherever you are
      Wherever you are
      Wherever you are
      I hope you're singing now
      Oh, I do hope
      I hope we are all singing now
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    8. Anonymous
      Yeah, blablabla. Reality today however looks very different where even the moderators of a shitty forum participate in the backstabbing and favour the self obsessed back stabbers because they are over eager to be somebody in the "fan community", which is highly exclusive than inclusive. I registered here because from the books I figured I had incredibly much in common with Morrissey, even though we were very different in a few key areas, but I was hoping to find similarly like minded people, thinking that he as the public figure he is, he should have attracted more of his kind minus perhaps the differences in the few key areas where they'd be also be more like me. What happened however was a fascist minded insistence that anybody has be agree on the key areas and anybody else has no right to live. The shitholes are the ones who have stayed and will continue to tour with Morrissey. Cheers.

      Oh and Unclescinny, you are not somebody because you appear on discussion boards with biased university professors or can read IP addresses.

      Good for Nicole however, she obviously got the experience that I was hoping for, a community that is inclusive and not exclusive and narrow minded, but if it were really so or just did not show that much offline remains debatable. In a fanzine people cannot jump on others as immediately as they can online with moderators who do not know what moderation means.
    9. Mozgirl102
      Thank you everyone for the kind words. Writing the Morri'Zine was a huge part of my life and it still means the world to me. Rob is doing well. We still keep in touch.

      Would love to talk to anyone who has fond memories of the Morri'Zine. Please write me at [email protected].

      Good night...and thank you!
    10. celibate
      we had a belgium [flemmish] fanzine.
      I was aware of David T's fanzine
      got lots of mail from USA , sending just 1 letter to the fanzine.

      Even got letters from reprise office, dunno if I have them, but the
      news was what's Morrissey plans/gigs/releases/signings inb 1991/2, sad it stopped.

      Oh yeah, the Belgium fanzine named, erm, Celibate Cries/Cry's, only about 5 or 6
      issues in early 90's got out.

      What I wanted to say, that in those days, without mobiles/internet....fanzines
      were like the only knowledge reading about other people , feeling the same about
      The Smiths/Morrissey

      Same about alternative musicmags who spread the word, about The Smiths,
      I really dislike the NME , cause they really stabbed him in the back with 1992
      issue about his suposed rascsim...but that same NME years early along with
      another mag, spread the word about The Smiths, for people not living in the UK it was
      very difficult to get info, therefore the fanzines became later on a perfect / great way
      to get some news and even writings from other people.

      Now typing it, I realize it was like the dark age in musichistory about music which you
      not hear on day time radio, it was exiting getting a letter or reading something aabout The Smiths
      or Morrissey early years solo

      yes I'm aware, I'll be critized by anonymous people who were wearing diapers that time,
      and now moaning about writing errors

      ' and they say he's mentall'
    11. Mozabilly
      I have fond memories of being interviewed in the 5th Anniversary issue!
      Cheers Nicole!

    12. Anonymous
      The article says Nicole trains horses to jump. That is disgusting animal abuse. Horses aren't meant to jump for human entertainment, and they often suffer injuries. Nicole should be banned from Morrissey concerts for being an animal abuser. No wonder she's friends with Mike Joyce and not Morrissey.
    13. Anonymous
      Say, "I'm joking." Please.
    14. Anonymous
      I have a ton of these Fanizine along with Davids Sing your life. If anyone is interested I would be willing to part ways with them. I love them, but facts are I am older and don't have time to read or collect like I used to. I would rather sell to a fan because of the fond memeories I have of this website. If anyone is interested email me at [email protected] and I will find them and get the infromation. I also have every Morrissey single on Tape if anyone would like. Sad to part with
      Thank you.

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