morrisseys worst fashion disasters!

speedfreaks ball

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for me its the red butlins jacket on jon ross 2004 or maybe the loafers on the oye esteban tour poster.
^^ Oh I like his patterned jackets, like the one he wore at that festival in Sweden (I think). :):o

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human bean
I like his paisley jackets. :)

This entire outfit:


cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
that bloody tie

what ever football shirt

westham t shirt.

red cardigan and pink blouse:p

That tommy gun!


Re: hmmmmm

LOL, but golf playing grandpa doesn't have a quiff. :p
arthur spooner-...ehh...jerry stiller has one
well sort of

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so far I agree with Bysshe and Corny,

the paisley jacket ROCKS, leave it alone... :cool:

I'd have to say *looks around the whispers* that bloody pvc suit thingy, and the sailor shirt... they were BAD BAD BAD. :tears:

oh and dont much care for him in jeans because he has stumpy legs, (sorry Moz, but you do, in the frinkiest way of course;)) and seems to pick jeans that make them look more so.. :(

Dow Jones

Blighted Fungus
The speedo.

Who wears a striped speedo? He does, apparently.


EDIT: does this guy, but I don't think it helps the speedo's case:
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Love Me Outside!
oh and the shirt on the pic that was the apparent YOR album cover...
nice colour, just bad bad bad tacky logo and short sleeves are a no no.


Re: hmmmmm

Hahaha, you're into those guys?

I didn't know they exist. :p
have you never seen the tv show "king of queens" not into sitcoms(cause most of them arent funny-at all- but KOQ one of the few which are actually good and funny
and jerry is great in that role of the rebellious grandpa acting like a rebellious teenager...
spence olchin alias Patton Oswalt the "nerd" is also a great character
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