Morrissey's shirt ???

To me this is just awful that he is wearing this stuff..
A) The shirts and the shoes look disgusting- why is it the more money people get the less style they have? He really has dressed in the most awful manner since 1997- you see people think I am shallow when I mention these things BUT in mind his sense of style/taste is linked to everything else about him. Look at how interesting he dressed in the smiths and how intresting the music was and then look at these days.
B) The animal welfare issue is DISGUSTING-it's, really,not good enough to say "Oh, I didn't know"..its peoples business to check such things out, especially if your someone in mozs position

How about a thread about THIS shirt (& the woman wearing it)???
I notice from the GQ article that Paul McCartney is also a customer. wtf?

I think Stella McCartney needs to invite them both round for dinner - and a telling off!!

I think Moz should be boycotting this designer:
Made in Italy but a product of London, Angelo Galasso is the designer whose on-the-money interpretations of classic tailoring have become wardrobe staples for playboys and plutocrats. Among the ostrich hide, crocodile skin and super-luxury of his flagship store, GQ talks shop with a man who has come to reinvent menswear.

The Financial Times may have once described him as "this generation's most inventive image maker", but if your idea of style is ultra-minimal, then Angelo Galasso is probably not your man. Nor will PETA members be his biggest fans, but the Italian king of extravagance is perfectly happy with that. He makes no bones about being very much the Maximus of the fashion arena.

From his London flagship store next door to Harrods, Galasso supplies the international crowd, from Macau to Moscow and Manchester, who call London home and aren't fazed by paying up to £5,000 for a pair of jeans, as long as some mink or crocodile is involved in the process. And there are plenty of men who want exactly that.​

Why Moz, why?


You know Morrissey will abandon all principle for a well-fitted shirt. And nice shoes.
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i think the sparkly and the see through shirts looked greast on him this tour.guesses on the brand?
I wished he would wear them again at the london shows.-but he didnt.
did anybody who catched parts of the shirt in brixon or palladium could check out the brand -inlay- shield?
Morrissey's shirt question.

Anybody familiar with the place where Morrissey gets his shirts from.

I really liked this and can't find a way to even google it.

Thanks in advance.
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Morrissey : Serial shirt changer?


When I saw Morrissey play live in Manchester a few years ago, I noticed that he changed his shirt an unnatural amount of times, it became pretty funny!

I understand his reasons - performing life must get pretty sweaty, but I've always wondered if anyone else had shared the experience of watching Morrissey change his shirt over and over. Also, has anyone ever counted how many times it happened?
live shirt
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