"Morrissey's retirement will be the perfect ending" - The Guardian

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By Bluebirds on Jun 7, 2012 at 6:19 PM
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    Good article (with comments) about Morrissey's alleged impending retirement. news to me, and probably to him.

    Morrissey's retirement will be the perfect ending by Owen Hatherley - The Guardian
    While all the other ageing rockers are reforming and creaking around on stage, Morrissey has decided to bow out with dignity


    Morrissey Announces 2014 Retirement Plans by Todd Gilchrist - Hollywood Reporter. Link posted by yelahderaj (original post).
    The 53-year-old singer says he started contemplating the move after "aging a lot recently."

    Morrissey: Jag lägger av 2014 - Aftonbladet. Link posted by an anonymous person (original post).

    UPDATE June 8, 11:30AM PT:

    Uncleskinny also sends the link (scan of paper edition in original post):

    In praise of ... getting off the stage - The Guardian
    Though we will miss the music, Morrissey's plan to retire at 55 means he will at least retain the dignity lacking in others

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by Bluebirds, Jun 7, 2012.

    1. Worm
      Re: Morrissey's retirement will be the perfect ending - the Grauniad

      That wasn't exactly a flattering article. The sledgehammer comes down in the first line. Did you miss it?

      "In 1987, shortly before his powers left him..."

      I like Owen Hatherley. He's excellent on other topics. Here, he seems to be one of the early fans who did not follow Morrissey closely after The Smiths split. "[H]e wrote the same songs about thwarted ambition and loneliness well into his 50s" is inaccurate. Thwarted ambition and loneliness remain favorite subjects, yes, but I don't think Morrissey kept re-writing the same songs. I wish some of these critics and essayists would notice.

      Generally, though, I agree with the sentiment that Morrissey should leave in the next year or two and avoid the awful trend of zombie rock and rollers cluttering stages around the world.
    2. Because
      Putting words in his mouth. He hasn't announced retirement, he was vaguely estimating. He's also said that he might go on til he dies on stage!
    3. Anonymous
      Moz is no zombie! Morrisseys way too kind, way too human be that. Proof? Morrissey is emotional and shares his emotions with us all! What more can we ask for? Thanks Morrissey!
      P.S. No more bashing & unkindness to those who are decent among us. Why?
    4. nozmuppet
      Yeah right......Moz is for life....It aint over till the fat lady sings....
    5. Anonymous
      I doubt that he'll do it when it comes to the crunch. And there are ways to continue with dignity and relevance well into old age, Leonard Cohen being the prime example.
    6. Fan
      The article is pretty dead on; his solo material, up to the past two-three albums, was brilliant, but the "more recent" lyrics and music are substandard. I am not looking for a pissing match, nor am I being overly critical. Just stating an opinion.

      His material with Street, and Boz, Alain, Gary, and Spencer will always be my favorites.
    7. Stoned
      He has been touring like a twenty something....He needs to rest and later next year release a brand new Studio Album.
      Cheers Moz
    8. Anonymous
      The Guardian can get stuffed!
    9. Fan
      If he is going to release a new album, then he needs to go back to his roots--maybe become a bit more emotional and reflective--like he was after the disintegration of The Smiths.

      His lyrics back then were reflective and very intricate/solid. The recent output is pretty much the ravings of an angry popstar who is unhappy with his life.

      End on a high note--go back to Street and go out as you came in--in style.
    10. Anonymous
      you're right
    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      I love the man and will carry my Moz and Smiths albums to the grave. Despite the bad journalism of these articles, the idea of Moz's retirement is a good thing and 55 seems a perfectably respectable age to retire. Pop music is a young person's game. Period.
    13. chrisarclark
      that was a terrible article from the Guardian.

      if Morrissey had retired on Vauxhall And I, he would've left a resume beyond all criticism. if he never returned from his self-imposed exile post-Maladjusted, it would've made a brave, bold statement worthy of his legacy.

      the comeback in the 00's, despite yielding a few gems, did much to tarnish the legend, not just by lowering the bar musically, by raising it with respect to his petulant behaviour. if he truly is retiring, while it is long overdue, it should be welcome by most at this point- judging by the new songs, there's clearly nothing left in the tank.

      recently, icame up with an idea as to when an artist/band should retire- if none of your last 5 albums rank within your top 5 albums, it's time to hang it up. by this, Moz is leaving at the right time as none of Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted, You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors or Years Of Refusal measure into the same class his Smiths output or his first four solo albums, plus Bona Drag.

      it's over and that's okay.
    14. chrisarclark
      Moz is the fat lady at this point and that's why it is over.
    15. Anonymous
      Crap idea. What if any of the last five albums are the artist's favourite? Morrissey has said that Refusal is one of his so why should he stop? If you don't like them you don't have to buy them
    16. Anonymous
      Well, all those albums are better than Kill Uncle...
    17. Anonymous
      Very well said. You are spot on about the quality of his releases. And, if he is most proud of Refusal, then this shows how his judgment and creativity have declined.
    18. nozmuppet
      Sacre Bleu...... Moz is the best Lyrcist/vocalist of his generation once again without a record deal. :rolleyes:

      Do we ask Paul Weller to retire, still coming up with the goods on recent albums. (Nah) :cool:

      It`s only once Moz is allowed to release music, can you judge if he`s still musically relevant. :thumb:
    19. billybu69
      Believe it when you read it on TTY other than that its bullshit.

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