'Morrissey's old house' in Bowdon now on AirBnb

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed posters have pointed out that this is not Beech Mount, the house in Bowdon that Morrissey was/is known to own on Bowdon Road. It's clearly nearby - anybody know anything about Morrissey owning another house/apartment in Bowdon?

As already mentioned in the Morrissey's December Speech thread. Not sure if this has previously been discussed here but it was news to me.

"Superb location, Edwardian mansion house apartment
Hosted by Ruth & Neil
A lovely duplex apartment - once the home of Morrissey - in an Edwardian mansion house on the leafy Bowdon/Altrincham border."


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I can also confirm the Airbnb is not Beech Mount, I can also confirm that JM is definitely residing on Charcoal Rd.
Marr sold Forest Edge in Oct '15 for £3.5m and moved to a newer build in Hale Barns.
I was 10 when we moved and I don't recall meeting him. I know the house wasn't on the market for long though.

My mum told me at the time who was buying it and that it was supposedly for his mum to live in, but I've no idea if she did.

That's about all I know unfortunately.

Really interesting, thanks Paul.
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