Morrissey's music isn't for women


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Let's get into specifics: A large portion, or even a majority of M's music is about loneliness. No matter if a woman is a 10/10 or a 1/10, there will always be plenty of horny men who will want sex with the femoid. With men, that isn't the case. There are literally millions of attractive men who can't get girlfriends because they are anti-social or poor. There is not a single woman who could connect with the lines: "Two lovers entwined pass me by, and heaven knows I'm miserable now.", "I need advice, I need advice - Nobody ever looks at me twice" and the entirety of Ask.

Women also aren't as into music as men. Don't get me wrong, women do like music, but generally speaking only playlists and top 40. It's very rare to find a woman who explores deep into music and will listen to an entire discography by an artist. I've been to a number of shows, and I've asked many fans what their favorite albums and songs are, most men replied with Viva Hate, Bona Drag or Vauxhall and I, whereas not a single woman could name an album besides The Queen Is Dead - not even a Morrissey album.

Politically women are also more left-leaning than men. This is why the vast majority of people you see enraged about Moz's recent comments are holes. It simply takes an intelligent, level-headed man to see that everything Morrissey says is true. This is why women and beta-male liberals are continually seething. Donald Trump also has a similar effect on them.

So in conclusion, loneliness, intelligence, depression and nationalism are the key factors of Morrissey's music. Women are incapable of truly understanding any of these traits, so his music isn't for them.

inb4 "incel" - Yes, I am a virgin. I am saving my virginity for a pure Catholic who accepts her traditional gender role. I'd much prefer being a virgin, than being a roastie or having STDS. If you use "virgin' or "incel" as pejoratives, Morrissey's music also isn't for you.
This is obviously trolling but idc I will respond anyway.

Morrissey is famous now and has millions of fans who would kill to spend just an hour with him. So by that logic he doesn't understand loneliness any more either.

Loneliness is not just about not having people who like you, it is about not having people who you can connect with in a way that matters, in the way you want. You can have people who want to f*** you and still be lonely, because that is not a genuine connection.

A lot of Morrissey's early lyrics are left-leaning btw.


Morrissey doesn't have music in the first place FFS. His musicians provide the music - the clue is in the word 'musician'. The songs he sings might not be for women, or the words he writes. But 'Morrissey's music' simply does not exist.


Morrissey's music is comedy. It is not about loneliness at all. If you feel like he 'gets' you, then you probably don't get the joke.
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