Morrissey's letter to Sounds 35 years ago



- On this day in 1975, a young music buff named Steven Morrissey had a letter published in U.K. music weekly, Sounds. In the letter, titled “Dolly Mixture Wasn’t Right,” Morrissey, who 10 years later would be notorious the world over as the lead singer of The Smiths, complains about the public ignoring his favorite band, The New York Dolls:

“The British public are very wary of new bands. Anything that aims to change the day-to-day routine of the rock world is carefully observed before admitted. What a shame the New York Dolls and Jobriath were a little too fond of their satins and silks because I am sure that they both had enough – and more, to please the media. After two albums, several European tours and a large amount of money spent on publicity, the Dolls are back on the streets of New York with the bands whose path was paved by the Dolls. It is often forgotten that the Dolls were the beginning of a whole new music scene in America which has produced such rarities as Kiss, Aerosmith, The Tubes, Wayne County, the Dictators, and the current genius, Bruce Springsteen – names which wouldn’t stop the show, but have been the topic of much enthusiastic journalism. Not to mention the truck loads of amateur bands which, as I pen this epistle, will no doubt be screeching away at unrecognizable chords after bathing in the latest brands of cosmetics. – Steve Morrissey, Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester.”...
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