Morrissey's Kill Uncle turned 27 last March 4: after all this time what are your opinions on it?

I used to travel all over my state by bus when I was young with the majority of a month's pay in pocket to go trawling through record stores
just in case they had something I didn't. Rain or shine, just me and a green army satchel large enough for vinyl records. The internet has sapped a lot of the joy out of life. I'd miss the madness, but if something fried the whole system I do believe the sale of anti-depressants would plummet for some and skyrocket for others, and I'd just sit in the sunshine sipping coffee and blinking at the sun wondering where to pick up a paper with current concert listings.
Yeah, I just had to travel to England to stay sane and find some kind of reason to live at all. Music and football kept me alive all these years so if anything you people here who hate me can blame the sports and arts for me still having a pulse.
I revisited this thread because on the new tour Morrissey is being more inclusive of his back catalog than he's been for several tours ... yet still nothing from Kill Uncle. I really think it's a shame, songs like Mute Witness and Driving Your Girlfriend Home would still play very well. As far as thoughts on the album, it's similar to what Brett Anderson's said about the 1st Suede album (others have mentioned this as well), some of the stronger tracks were used as b-sides instead of appearing on the album.
Thank goodness for Live in Dallas and bootlegs from that era to really capture those songs at their best.
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