Morrissey's hand-picked playlist for Spotify/Apple: via Vents Magazine (4 September, 2019)

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By Famous when dead on Sep 4, 2019 at 6:55 PM
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    The article itself is mainly about the tour, but it gives the following information too:

    "Also newsworthy to Morrissey fans this month – several key Morrissey titles that were previously not available to stream on DSPs have now been made available through BMG (Years of Refusal, Ringleader of the Tormentors,You Are the Quarry, Live at Earls Court, Southpaw Grammar).
    To celebrate, two new playlists have been posted, the first from Morrissey himself, as M hand-picked a playlist of his current favorites from over the years [SPOTIFY APPLE], while BMG added a second by curating their own greatest hits playlist intended to honor the Brit pop icon [SPOTIFY APPLE]."

    Click on Spotify or Apple to visit the respective list.
    Taken from:


    Morrissey's chosen list comes with this graphic:


    His picks:
    My Life Is A Succession...
    Teenage Dad On His Estate.
    Because Of My Poor Education.
    The Never-Played Symphonies.
    Life Is A Pigsty.
    In Your Lap.
    My Dearest Love.
    Black Cloud.
    The Edges Are No Longer Parallel.
    This Is Not Your Country.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Sep 4, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Lucky you've got boris, he's very sophisticated and nuanced, just like all the "heaw, heaw" brigade in parliament. " Complex and nuanced" LOL. They do what they want and the taxpayers foot the bill.
      It's an amusing chessgame and we're the pawns. Welcome to reality if you choose it.
    2. reelfountain
      Joseph Conrad (Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski) is a Pole whose second language is English. As a result there is an unusual rythmn to his prose, so it takes a few atempts to understand the flow. Maybe have a dictionary handy for the archaic words. But try and try again. I found that on my third attempt it suddenly happened. I was plunged from the damp tital Thames to the writhing heat of the Congo and its black beating heart. You will not be disappointed.
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    3. the_kaz
      For anybody who cares, it turns out both versions of Maladjusted are now available on Spotify. To listen to the original, non-butchered version, you have to go to the Maladjusted (Expanded) Spotify page, then click the "1 MORE RELEASE" dropdown. A bit of a long-winded way to find it, but I'm glad it's there. However, it seems that only the original Southpaw is available.

      Incidentally, the two-disc expanded edition of Quarry used to be on Spotify, but now they only have the original edition, which is a shame.
    4. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      "Joseph Conrad (Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski) is a Pole.."

      For that reason, I'm surprised you read the book. I'd thought you sooner burn it!.
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    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      ‘to the writhing heat of the Congo and its black beating heart. ’

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    6. reelfountain
      I love Europe. I love the individual cultures of European countries.

      These are the things the globalist EU wants to destroy. The EU is a culture killer. It cares not for people but for power.

      Poland is a land of national pride and patriotism - another thing the globalists attempt to re-cast as xenophobia and racism and whatever other negative terms they can throw as weapons.

      Britain needs to learn from places like Poland, Hungary and Estonia and stop conforming to ideas from internal enemies that plan to wipe them out as a people.
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    7. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      I'm no EU nationalist but I don't share your rosy analysis of some of these countries.

      Many of them are rolling back on their democratic reforms, having governments that are interfering in the independence of their press and judiciary. Poland seems particularly keen in revising the role of its countrymen and women in the Holocaust.
    8. reelfountain
      Revising the truth about the Holocaust is a good thing in general.
    9. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      In what way? The numbers murdered or that it even happened?
    10. reelfountain
      The numbers are inflated and the 'gas chambers' story is atrocity propaganda just like the 'human soap and skin lamphades' story which was accepted in the Nuremberg trials as fact but admitted to be false in the 80s by all the top Holocaust experts.

      There has never been an open debate on the 'evidence' of the gas chambers story. In fact all debate has been stifled to the point that it is illegal in most European countries to even question the official narrative.

      People who have broken this rule have been thrown in prison, sometimes for years. That says all you need to know about the multi-billion dollar Holocaust Industry and how they deal with any form of 'threat'. It's a very paranoid, but telling, way to go about things.

      Truth shouldn't need legislation. Therefore it is impossibe for any real critical thinker to accept the 'official version' as the truth. The fact that so many supposed intelligent people still do proves the theory that most people are psychologically scared of social ostacision to even entertain the thought - and the Holocaust is a subject that through years of careful public inculcation is a no-go area for any probing. The social stigma of being a 'Holocaust denier' is to most people not worth it. Accept what you're told or be damned.
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    11. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
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    12. reelfountain
      The idea that a group continues to use inflated numbers for their own pernicious reasons (special 'unique' victim status, to entice German guilt, to amass money etc.) is horrific in itself.

      In the early 90s the official number of dead at Auschwitz changed from 4 million to 1.5 million - yet this was never knocked off the 6 million overall figure. Why? Nobody knows - and you're not allowed to ask.

      The Holocaust Industry doesn't give a damn about the people who genuinely died.

      All the evidence points to the liklihood that nobody was gassed. Not one single person. Zyklon B was used as a delouser for the lice that cause typhus (there was an European epidemic at the time). People were shot and most died of typhus/starvation after the Allies blew up the railways etc which stopped medical and food supplies getting to the labour camps. This is the reality of how wars are won. You starve the enemy into surrender.

      Everything else is propaganda from the ridiculously flawed Nuremberg trials. The victors were punishing Germany and the Nazis to cover their own mass war crimes - which were endless. It's the way the 'post-war game' is always played out.
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    13. ACTON
      Are you not splitting hairs? Loads of Jews were killed in the Concentration Camps, either by starvation, over-work, disease, execution. Whether or not gas was used is hardly the most important point. Those Nazi scum treated people like plague rats. I'm not saying you're wrong but the Germans were a pack of rabid foam mouthed skankfiends. I know this for a fact after watching the award winning documentary Where Eagles Dare.


      p.s. I think that would make a great Moz album cover if they put the album name on the mug (in Helvetica font of course) :rolleyes:
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    14. lanterns
      hi, today one of my colleagues doubted that these songs were actually "hand-picked" by morrissey. i am all confused and shattered.
      does anybody know the truth behind this narrative? thank you. i don't simply want to repeat or debunk other people's narratives but want to find out the truth myself. how can i do that? thanks again.
    15. reelfountain
      Of course loads of people were killed. But there is a Jewish element that hated Germany way before the war. Churchill's main adviser was a German called "Professor" Lindemann who had lived in England for years. The RAF's 'Bomber' Harris usually takes the flak for the mass (illegal) civilian firebombing of Dresden and all the other German cities. But it was in fact Lindemann who masterminded the massacre of so many German civilians in this way. He abhorred Germany in the way Jews hate Germany today.

      If the 'gas chambers' story is made up then Germany is owed an apology as it no longer means that the Holocaust was unique. Ordinary non-Jewish Germans were starved, shot, gang raped, blown to bits or incinerated in their beds. That's a Holocaust too. The whole of the war was a Holocaust - yet a moneymaking guilt-inducing and victim-status industry has been built around the unique gas chamber story - by a group of people who run the media and make up the most millionaires. Not suspicious at all of course.

      Stories in the First World War involved Jews and gas chambers also, but the prime minister Stanley Baldwin stood up in parliament to admit it was all war propaganda.

      The' evidence' of gas chambers and the inflated numbers quickly falls apart under even the slightest scrutiny, but most people accept whatever they are told. Pychological tests prove that group-think is real - even when the truth is staring people in the face. Only a small proportion of people ever go against the flow to stand up and question controversial lies that may mean ostacism from their social group. It takes a rare person to walk the earth alone for the sake of being honest to him/herself.

      The way Russia's Red Army operated in the war (with their official order of the mass gang-raping of woman and children for example) is more scandalous than the behaviour of the Nazis. But again the cartoon caricatures and tired old lies prevail because most people will just watch the Speilberg movies and not do any real reading or research of their own.
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    16. gordyboy9
      doesn't even make sense.a woman bus driver,dont often see that.
    17. gordyboy9
      there is no way of knowing but why would your friend doubt they were Ms choices,if any of these end up in the tour tracklist then that could be proof that he picked them himself.
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    18. ACTON
      Ah now, the bus driver in Dirty Harry when Scorpio hijacked the bus full of kids was a woman.

    19. ACTON
      But sure who cares who picked them. I prefer to pick what I listen to. Same reason I never listen to the radio.
    20. NealCassidy

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