Morrissey's hand-picked playlist for Spotify/Apple: via Vents Magazine (4 September, 2019)

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By Famous when dead on Sep 4, 2019 at 6:55 PM
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    The article itself is mainly about the tour, but it gives the following information too:

    "Also newsworthy to Morrissey fans this month – several key Morrissey titles that were previously not available to stream on DSPs have now been made available through BMG (Years of Refusal, Ringleader of the Tormentors,You Are the Quarry, Live at Earls Court, Southpaw Grammar).
    To celebrate, two new playlists have been posted, the first from Morrissey himself, as M hand-picked a playlist of his current favorites from over the years [SPOTIFY APPLE], while BMG added a second by curating their own greatest hits playlist intended to honor the Brit pop icon [SPOTIFY APPLE]."

    Click on Spotify or Apple to visit the respective list.
    Taken from:


    Morrissey's chosen list comes with this graphic:


    His picks:
    My Life Is A Succession...
    Teenage Dad On His Estate.
    Because Of My Poor Education.
    The Never-Played Symphonies.
    Life Is A Pigsty.
    In Your Lap.
    My Dearest Love.
    Black Cloud.
    The Edges Are No Longer Parallel.
    This Is Not Your Country.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Sep 4, 2019.

    1. ACTON
      Yah. Those rearranged mangled reissues were a mistake similar to what George Lucas did with Star Wars. Gredo shot first? Fuck that.
      The album reissues were Moz trying to change the past. Not including Nobody Loves Us or Jack The Ripper on the original albums back in the day were monumental mistakes, but you can't change things. This isn't Avengers Endgame. Leave it alone.
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    2. ACTON
      Then they shouldn't remake it. Next some twatfest committee of producers will remake Apocalypse Now for the snowflake generation where nobody gets hurt and Captain Willard finds manly love with Colonel Kurtz in the misty jungle.
      p.s. Anyone who loved Apocalypse Now should read The Throat by Peter Straub. Amazing book.
    3. Anonymous
      ...or they could just read Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.
    4. Anonymous
      gordyboy9 is like a front-seat, short-bus toddler who yaps at the driver, telling her which way to go.
    5. AztecCamera
      Reckon more like a random "hand picked" list from Kylier in the Burbank office. Blarky you delusional wackos are lost inn n n nnn n cunt n n it tit n n n it cunt thick.
    6. Anonymous
      Apple spelled Morrissey’s name wrong
    7. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Barrys keen
    8. Amy
      Interesting choices, mostly B-sides, quite a melancholy mood to the playlist. The Never Played Symphonies is a fantastic song.
    9. Tom
      Clearly, Sam did the graphic...
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    10. general disarray
      general disarray
      And Koko, great book.
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    11. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Very nice indeed! I agree with another poster - he should do this more often and share with us.
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    12. NealCassidy
    13. gordyboy9
      I prefer pattaya,better class of ladyboy,let you take a picture with them for 100 baht,deal of a lifetime.
    14. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      That’s hard to contest; a first blemish on a formerly immaculate track record. Even the single’s artwork (an already popular image) seemed lazy.
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    15. Anonymous
      Yes, they are all quite melancholy.
      And if he was to choose one song to explain the ugliness of his last 2 years, it should be 'Because of my poor education'. He simply does not understand the complex and nuanced world of politics - something all the commentators have missed. They have him down as a well-informed political expert like Billy Bragg when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. He has many great talents - understanding the world of politics is not one of them.
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    16. Anonymous Bread
      Anonymous Bread
      I thought the same thing - perhaps Moz is having a bit of a low moment. But then again, who could blame him...
    17. ACTON
      Yeah I tried but couldn't get into it. Kept getting lost in the jungle of words.
    18. Eldritch
      Totally agree. Are we supposed to believe that Morrissey really would have wanted Maladjusted to be a 15-track album, when he has never released a studio album with more than 12 tracks on it? And having Teachers and Southpaw not as an album opener and an album closer ruins the whole concept of Southpaw Grammar and just reveals that on their own both tracks are monstrously overlong. I'm glad to have those Maladjusted b-sides on CD, but it would have been better to put them on a bonus disc and not try a Stalinistic revision of history.
    19. Eldritch
      And Lost too. But this seems such a random list that it must have been compiled in about two minutes, which seems to be the regular amount of effort Morrissey puts in about everything he does these days. Black Cloud is one of the dullest things he has ever put on an album.
    20. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      I think the list also reflects his innate contrarian mentality. It reminds me of when he and the band appeared on BBC Radio 1 shortly after release of the Quarry album. At one point in the interview, the presenter put some listener questions to him, one of which was what is your favourite Morrissey and Smiths albums, to which he replied Southpaw Grammar and Rank!
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