Morrissey's female fan frink thread


Because EOH didn't include me in the list of muffins... :tears: After I had been wiping his tears all day, all night....

Your welcome. :) I like the haircolour too. I had that colour when my hair was about 2 cms short. :o

haha, awww. well probably b/c the pic you posted is only of half your face??!! but its a lovely half a brave, post both halfs at the same time!!!! :D


...with an N.
i don't like the use of the word bitches at the beginning of this thread...

there should more images posted here tho...


can't reMember

you might notice my panda from your childhood toy thread under my head NRitH.. :p


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I quite like this thread - but I'm not saying which picture I like best! He he, so many gorgeous girls that like Moz.... Why haven't I found one arround here anywhere????????? :mad:
but r u slutty? cute people piss me off fucking sit on my face more bewbz plzthx scarlet got banned lawl thread of the year tits or gtfo
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