Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
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    1. Anonymous
      These trousers were actually high fashion and a nod to David Bowie.
    2. g23
      Bowie only wore them because his **** was so big. Strictly utilitarian for the not so thin white duke.
    3. Sidnettle
      Never really liked Kevin Spacek
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    4. Peterb
      You have obviously a lot of experience with sexual assault. Have you worked with victims or been a victim yourself?
      Whatever, thank you for your considered and insightful input.
    5. Peterb
      I really liked him and thought he was pretty cool. Shows how reliable my instincts are.
    6. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Are they related to Sissy?
    7. Anonymous
      I live in a predominantly black neighbourhood, next to the gay village, with a high concentration of public housing. Some say the area has gone to hell. By your logic, I should feel free to toss around sweeping, prejudicial garbage about my neighbours if it strikes my fancy. ...but I don’t.

      Keep it real shooter. If you’re gonna stoop for the low-hanging fruit, at least have the balls to own it.
    8. g23
      I did own it, you humorless, humorless individual. You're being pretty hilarious though, shrieking and flapping about how "with it" you are. You obviously haven't been around to read most of the things that I've written, otherwise you'd be aware of my political leanings and values, and my low tolerance for abuse. But hey, good luck being a reactionary internet douche. The internet needs more of those. Thank you for your service.

      Sometimes you need to be familiar with a calm left wing voice to be aware of when it is mocking the right.
    9. Robert Saenz
    10. Uncleskinny
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    11. Peterb
      Since the T shirt is obviously a reaction to his most hateful comments on race, sexual abusers etc do we assume that you (and that ghastly twat modeling the shirt) agree with all of it? And you agree so much that you had to design a T shirt?
      Blimey Robert, you can be better than this.
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    12. Surface
      Some nice 'other' T Shirts on that site.
    13. Peterb
      Yes, there are.
    14. Peterb
      It just occured to me that the model might be you Robert. I honestly did not mean to insult you. I just wrote it because I thought it was funny and the bloke was just some jobbing model.
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    15. Anonymous

      Apparently - in your rush to explain, then deny, then excuse based on your own self-analysis, then deny denying, then (ignoring my comment about a requirement for wit and intellect in my humour) call me humourless - all my “screaming and flapping” just went right over your head.

      Carry on then.
    16. g23
      Sure thing anonymouse. Have a nice life. Apply a little soothing powder to the area that your bunched undies hurt, and to quote the fella we're all here for, "I don't mind if you forget me."

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