Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
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    1. Anonymous
      I don't think Morrissey was trying to normalize sexual predatory behavior, but yes, many people could thin he did it, that's a big problem with a lot of questions related with news. About Spacey/Rapp story some people posted comments as the fact was happened yesterday, as Sapacey truly had raped a fourteen years boy, but not, it didn't happened. I got good memories of thirty years ago too, so I remember several friends of mine having their first exeperiences with older men, I had my first experience when I was sixteen with a man who was twenty seven, now if I go to my Facebook page accusing him of rape I'll be a fucking liar poser, but probably I'll have a lot of likes, that's the freedom to speak.
    2. Hotplatters
      You can talk about this until the cows come home. The fact is, it was ill judged, and if even one victim is upset by it, that's one person too many.
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    3. mozmal
      Irony overload, but what else would you expect from Bullshit Boy?
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    4. Anonymous
      Spacey had a consensual relationship with another 14 year old boy two years before when he was 24, but that ended when he tried to rape him. There are two different 14 year old boys so when you read about rape you're reading about the first one, not Rapp.

      I agree with you that it's your right to define your experiences the way you want to. But you have to also let others, who were assaulted and raped, define their experiences as well.
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    5. Anonymous
      And is no possible some people telling their stories following the hysteria of the moment and acting as posers? I read the story you mentioned was on Buzz Feed, pure trash.
    6. Uncleskinny
      You don't like what they say, so it's pure trash. Please give us more examples of this sickening 'reporting'.
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    7. Anonymous
      Are they all lying?
      What are any of them gaining?

      Here's the real point, though, since we're actually discussing Morrissey's comments. You're saying it didn't happen. Morrissey isn't saying it didn't happen. He's asking "Where were the parents?"
      Do you see the difference? He's not saying "We don't know if this really happened." He's saying "What did he expect?"
    8. g23
      Explain to me how the Westboro Baptist church gets to wave GOD HATES FAGS signs around outside of a private funeral if disgusting and disagreeable protest leads to this hypothetical arrest for disturbing the peace.
      In my hypothetical scenario, you'd probably have a disgruntled police officer taken away from doing their job so they could guard this hypothetical idiot from harm. (and probably look the other way for a convenient moment, should harm come to them.)
    9. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      no, you misinterpreted my reply. I'm saying if you hit that person, then that may make them think twice about using their right to exercise free speech. Therefor you might hamper/suppress free speech.
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    10. g23
      I acknowledge that possibility. I wouldn't personally hit someone unless they posed a clear and immediate threat to myself or my family, but when a person advocates for the extermination of an entire race, sure, that is their right to free speech, and sometimes free comes with an unexpected price. The argument could be made that if they didn't get to do it out in the open, it could force them to go underground and radicalize. I can see both sides of the argument- Nazis deserve to get what they wish upon others, and if you don't allow them to express those views, they could, I dunno, be even worse somehow, and then the slippery slope of thought crimes, what else do we decide is not protected as free speech etc.
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    11. Timeplease!
      But it isn't usually what people can expect. And he could have said it shouldn't have happened. He focused on perceived shortcomings of the injured party rather than those of the assailant.
    12. bta1234
      and Moz always wonders why he struggles to get a record deal. Hmmm I wonder why.
      Just when he has a record company that seems to be doing the right thing by him...he goes and opens his mouth about a matter that he doesn't know all the facts and at this stage no one really does.
      I'm all for people being individuals and standing up for what's right and trying to make a difference. But those comments didn't help anyone...

      Moz is just one of those guys that has to have a different opioion on a matter than everyone else.

      But Morrissey of 2017 is so far removed from reality it's not funny. He's surround by yes men (the band) and that guy who carries the bags.
    13. Cornflakes
      Father Christmas?
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    14. Timeplease!
      Hopefully you somehow had and took a chance to demonstrate your consent before this happened; that it was something you wanted, which is interestingly what victims are often accused of whatever the circumstances: that they wanted it, even in situations where attempts are made to obliterate a person's capacity to agree by plying them with drink or drugs.

      What difference does it make? All the difference.
    15. Anonymous
      Right here champ...
      Read it slowly. No, slower.
      Then tell me it was a joke again, so I can refer you to my response from the first time you offered that explaination.

      If you can complete these simple tasks before your local neurosurgeon leaves the clinic, you might wanna pop in for a scan.

    16. Anonymous
      If it was the case, he should have been a new statement about this... But no, nothing at all.... it's a little bit weirdo, no?
      And it's pretty easy on his part to tell "I abhorre rape or violence (who can claim tha he love rape and violence, you know what I mean) and make a statement where he says that it almost the victim who is responsable of this what happened.
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    17. Anonymous
      It's really ugly to grow old like this ... The beginning of senility? I think so !

      And do you remember?.... He did not think so well....
      You silly old man
      You silly old man
      You're making a fool of yourself
      So get off the stage

      You silly old man
      In your misguided trousers
      With your mascara and your Fender guitar
      And you think your can arouse us

      But the song that you just sang
      It sounds exactly like the last one
      And the next one I bet you it will sound
      Like this one

      Downstage and offstage
      Don't you feel all run in?
      And do you wonder when they will take it away
      And this is your final fling

      But then applause ran high
      But for the patience of the ones behind you
      As a verse drags on like a month drags on
      It's very short but it seems very long

      And the song that you just sang
      It sounds exactly like the last one
      And the next one I bet you it will sound
      Like this one

      So get off the stage
      Get off the stage
      And when we get down off of the stage
      Please stay off the stage old age

      Get off the stage
      Get off the stage
      And when we've had our money back
      Then I'd like your back in plaster

      Oh I know that you say
      How age has no meaning
      Oh but here is your audience now
      And they're screaming

      Get off the stage
      Get off the stage
      Cause I've given you enough of my time
      And the money that wasn't even mine
      (have you seen yourself recently)

      Oh get off the stage
      Oh get off the stage

      For whom the bell tolls
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    18. suedehead_smoothie
      Whether Moz realizes it or not, his comments are a form of victim blaming.

      I should be able to own any car I want without the fear of having it stolen. Why have such a nice car? You know you’re a target. If my home gets broken into, having the police question me as to why I keep such a nice yard… That I should have expected my home to get broken into.

      This line of thinking is pure and utter garbage. It’s victim blaming.

      Moz needs to understand that. I know he abhors sexual assault so I can only take his comments at face value. The media understands this concept and Moz walked onto a land mine when he said it.
    19. g23
      You keep trying, and I applaud your doggedness, but all you succeeded in doing was showing that no, I did not make any abusive comments about lesbians, but rather, a Portlandia joke. Which is my right as I was born and raised here and have seen the city turn ridiculous over the years.

      But if you have my neurosurgeon on standby, could you see if he'd be willing to bring lobotomy back? Just for me? A knitting needle to the frontal lobe would be preferable to another tedious go-round with you.
    20. g23
      The misguided trousers first made their appearance at the Nobel Prize concert. We should have interpreted them as an omen. After all, I remember my tea leaves being in the shape of pants at the bottom of my mug that morning and feeling a chill, but I didn't place it at the time. If only...

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