Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
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    1. g23
      No. The government guarantees free speech. Not consequences arising from it. I could go stand on the steps of the Capital with a sign saying "I support sex with toddlers." That would be my right, and perfectly legal within the boundaries of the law, but I imagine there would be fallout from expressing something so disgusting, up to and including acts of harm against my person.
    2. g23
      Sure. But anyone who uses violence as a tool should also accept the freedom of the police to uphold the law and to throw their ass in jail. I never said freedom from consequences. Please try to keep up.
    3. Anonymous
    4. bhops
      No I was SPECIFICALLY replying to your point about it being ok to punch someone who waves a swastika and does a Nazi salute. I just wanted to know if it’s also the same to do so to a Commie. You agreed that is, I’m glad we’re on the same page :thumb:
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    5. g23
      I getcha. In life, you can do whatever you want. BUT...

    6. Ugly Devil
    7. bhops
      Well clearly I wouldn't punch anyone for exercising their free speech rights, I guess I was just making a point. the hypocrisy of that whole 'punch a Nazi' thing is something I've never been able to fully understand.

      Sure, I get it, Nazi's/fascism is evil, but then I see young kids protesting and more so those Antifa fuckers and they have the hammer and sickle on their flags and I think to myself, 'hmmm fascism sure was bad for the world but communism as a doctrine has killed more people in the last 70 years than anything else-and by some margin.' So I can never figure why that are punching evil nazi's while at the same time promoting a doctrine that I believe is even more inherently evil. At the very least, it's as bad.

      But I guess hey, Hammer and Sickle logos and Che Guevara or Fidel Castro t shirts are all the rage with the cool kids.
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    8. g23
      Antifa are definitely irritating. I see the point behind wanting to make a stand, but I fail to see h0w destruction of property, vandalism, etc are making a stand. Like everything else extremists do, they manage to fuck it up and hurt/lose track of their own cause. Communism is deeply flawed, but the same can be said for pretty much any style of governing once the people in power find a way to exploit loopholes for personal gain/influence/power.
      It only takes one bad apple to start the whole thing rotting.
    9. g23
      Well... That was predictable. It's a good thing this didn't happen before his Portland show. He would have been burned at the stake by hairy legged anarcho-feminists and flannel clad sensitive boys. /s

      EDIT: added /s to denote my sarcasm for the sake of humorless gits.
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    10. Anonymous
      Talking about Weinstein and Kevin Spacey the day after Los Angeles declared Morrissey day was interesting timing. Probably the last time that particular day will be celebrated. And Spacey is trying to say anything but

      "Hi, I'm Morrissey of 'Morrissey Day' and I just wanted to let you know that Hollywood is full of rapists and pedos but it's cool because there are really no victims. Luckily there's also a never ending stream of whores and as long as they get something out of it they don't mind!
    11. Anonymous
      Your sentiment about the lesbian residents of Portland speaks volumes about you. Don’t you worry though, kiddo. It’s early in the tour and there’s plenty of time for someone on the right side of humanity to take care of business. ;)
    12. Anonymous
      Who are the “HYPOCRITES” you’re referring to? Are they daft, lippy, racist, cheese-eating, cashmere-wearing vegans?

      Your comment tells me that you’re passionate about “all-caps”, defending Morrissey and railing against those who are critical of his sickening communicative diarrhea. It also tells me that you’re minimally traveled and educated, have a tenuous grasp on the English language, a preference for four-legged creatures over bi-peds and an empathy for paedo-apologists.

    13. g23
      I have no qualms with the lesbians of Portland or anywhere else. There's this concept that humans invented called humor. You should try it sometime. It could leave you positively giddy.
    14. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      Granted, yes. But I feel the left are far more militant.
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    15. Anonymous
      The things that leave me giddy are based in reality - sometimes sarcastic - but ALWAYS backed by intellectual wit.

      Your brand (the “hairy legged lesbian” umbrella) is about as well-considered as the dribble of a primary schooler that’s just discovered the joy of poop jokes.

      Carry on now, litttle fella.
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    16. Anonymous
      Please provide historically contextual, empirical fact to back this asinine statement.
    17. g23
      Re-read my post. Slowly. No, slower. Where did I say Lesbian? And if you want to try to paint me with the wrong side of history brush, perhaps you should look over my post history regarding victim-blaming-rape-apologist-nationalist-xenophobe-puppy-gate. I think I've been more than clear. Have a thumbs up for outrage's sake. You tried.
    18. Shaw
      Hahahah, do tell us more how communism is evil
    19. bhops
      Jeez buddy, Stalin anyone? Chairman Mao?
    20. Anonymous
      You'd be arrested for disturbing the peace. Free speech may sound great, but it isn't the only law out there.

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