Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    1. Cornflakes
      I see a lot of people saying that what he has said stinks, but I don't see anyone saying he doesn't have a right to express himself.
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    2. g23
      :lbf: Sure, but you're on thin ice, Miss/Mister!
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    3. countthree
      I read everywhere people insulting Morrissey for his public declarations. Some of them are saying worst things about him than about the actual sexual predators. Anyway, that is not the main issue here.
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    4. g23
      I lost a longtime friend recently because I stated that I believe that anyone who would go out in public and call themselves a Nazi/White nationalist, throw Nazi salutes, wave Nazi flags etc deserve a punch in the face. I was called a leftist wingnut, a liberal dipshit, and a virtue signaler by someone I once respected. My argument is that I will always respect the right to free speech no matter how inflammatory or wrong, but that freedom from speech is not freedom from repercussions up to and including getting socked in the nose by an offended party.
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    5. Peterb
      Great e
      Great post. I'd go along with all of it I think.
    6. g23
      Internet comments sections have never been kind to Morrissey.
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    7. ForgivemeJESUS
      I believe he is a good person, I'm sure it's being taking out of context, listen to his lyrics its obvious, if he cares about animals so much why wouldn't you think he cares about human. Get off his back gee
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    8. countthree
      I agree with you, mostly. If you take the time to read all what I said in the post that was partially quoted by Cornflakes (talking about partial quotations...), you would understand it.
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    9. bhops
      Well I believe that anyone that goes out with the Hammer & Sickle, quoting Marx and calling themselves a communist deserves to be punched in the face. Are you Ok with that?
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    10. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      Exactly. Why should they be?
    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      there are some bad people on... both sides.

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    12. realitybites
      Yes they are and they admit it without shame. The left preaches and legislates tolerance yet is utterly intolerant to those not adopting its ideology. That they can't see the irony in this is quite puzzling.
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    13. Anonymous
      Did Apey ever really listen to Kristeens lyrics or read her social media. You can't make this stuff up :crazy:

    14. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Is it intolerant to call someone out on their intolerance?
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    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'My argument is that I will always respect the right to free speech no matter how inflammatory or wrong, but that freedom from speech is not freedom from repercussions up to and including getting socked in the nose by an offended party'

      a bit of a contradiction there,no? because if you used violence against those who's publicly expressed thoughts you don't agree with, would that not be a form of suppression of free speech ?
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    16. realitybites
      It is intolerant to not accept intolerance. Is it intolerant to point out intolerance? No but it is ignorant to not see that not tolerating intolerance is in fact being intolerant.
    17. Anonymous
      Just because one 14-years-old boy without any "chaperone" was in a room with an 26-years-old adult, and that this boy claim that he was a victim of rape or sexual assault, that means that there may have been nothing and he's lying... Nice mentality.
      I'll hope this never happened to your brother, your sister or your children... Sincerely.

      Just a question to conclude:
      You say "There are also much more important news stories needing to be covered than this."
      I totally agree... So why Morrissey has open his mouth about this? (maybe for avoid to talk about the poor quality of his last album.... Maybe?)
    18. Anonymous


    19. Anonymous
      "...instead of his"? Ugh. She was supposedly such a great fan going to so many concerts. Weak. Then Kristeen responded that her comment was a "nice thing"; even the "...instead of his" part? After all the nice things Moz said about her, she should have denounced that "...instead of his" jab. NO WAY. Are they meat eaters?

      iHeartMoz :hearteyes:


    20. Timeplease!
      Morrissey may have given this interview as the news broke about Spacey, leaving him ignorant of so many other allegations, although not where Weinstein is concerned. His repeatedly stated abhorrence of rape and violence begins to sound like the gay or black friend I've got, but... Still, he is pointing to a present danger. There is that risk, and it's raised in such an intimate setting as a bedroom. So in a sense, this may be Morrissey's main point: such risk exists, even if that opinion seems to normalise predatory sexual behavior. Attack would not be on most people's minds. That's why those two's excesses made news. But the way Morrissey said it implied the assaulters were the ones who acted rationally and understandably, which is unfortunate and unless you're sick in the head, untrue.

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