Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
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    1. lazy_sunbather
      I have a sick feeling in my gut as I plan to drive to Chicago for his show on Saturday. So disappointed in his comments. He has cancelled on me 4 times. Perhaps it is my turn to cancel. Hard to defend his comments to my teenage daughters. Sad times.
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    2. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      “ He could have made a passionate defence of people accused of sexual assault “

      But he did!
      Or wasn’t it passionate enough for you?
      He just pointed out there is another side to it. Of course I can understand that victims feel bad about it but he was NOT talking about them. He made that very clear.
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    3. ForgivemeJESUS
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    4. ForgivemeJESUS
      Couldn't have said it better.....if u don' like Morrissey go back to your backstreet boys....there is no one with the catalog he has of songs.... who else sells out shows when no record contract....he refuses to be commercialized....i like that, u critics need to go back and get all the facts before u blah blah blah blah
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    5. BrummieBoy
      Why have you quoted one half of a sentence to try and change the meaning? This is what I wrote:

      He could have made a passionate defence of people accused of sexual assault without casually dismissing and denigrating the complainants.

      He very clearly disputed the testimony of Weinstein and Spacey. He was most certainly talking about Anthony Rapp and disparaging his parents as being to blame.

      Given your inability to quote my posts correctly or to remember the content of the interview in Der Spiegel I am terminating this exchange.


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    6. Peterb
      Is that what you really believe?
      Ask yourself what motivates those on the left? For Jez and most of us it's simply humanity and kindness.
      Would you say that is the case for Farage, Mogg and Johnson?(are these the people you relate to?).
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    7. g23
      He has been consistent in his inconsistency. If it's popular, Morrissey will verbally smear it. If it's unpopular, he'll praise it. And flip flop like a fish in between big attention grabbing statements much of the time.
      Contrarian, troll, verbal shitposter, whatever he is- he seems to enjoy playing games with popular opinion. Always has. But he's at a point in history where he isn't alone in that game. Opinions are everywhere, and a dime a dozen from 99% of the world. However, the world is getting fed up with edgelord antics, and pushing back. I think the financial ramifications will occur to him far faster than anything else.
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    8. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Hi Peter!

      I’ve not seen you around for a long time. Good to see you back. I thought World Peace had finished you off.

      The left I’m targeting in my comment are the professional offenderati. Here in the UK I would include, for example, the denizens of the Guardian’s Comment Is Free section, where every contrary opinion is an insult and an outrage.

      In the US I think they would be better described as the SJW movement.

      Here is a very fresh example:

      I find the guy arguing on behalf of Stop Funding Hate a creepy chap with a specious argument. He rather reminds me of Michael Palin’s charming torturer in Brazil.

      Others might well disagree. As is their right, of course.
    9. Peterb
      Thanks for that. See, already I don't particularly disagree with you.
      I quite liked some the last album. What do you think of the new one? (off topic but who cares).
    10. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      I am all over the place with my opinions and beliefs too. At first, I actually thought I really don't fit anywhere, but it appears it's not just me lol My family think I am really strange! (waiting for the comments) Having a conversation with me usually leaves the person mentally exhausted with a bad taste in their mouth, so I tend not to mix with people, as much as I can :D Online is different.
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    11. g23
      One of my biggest issues with Morrissey, is that at times, I don't believe that he believes the shit that is coming out of his mouth. I think he just thinks he's having a larf at the expense of others, and if they don't like it, oh well.

      Let me ask you this- if you were friends with him on social media, and he weren't famous, would you keep him on your list, or axe the malarkey?
    12. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      Let me ask you this- if you were friends with him on social media, and he weren't famous, would you keep him on your list, or axe the malarkey?

      Do you mean after he would have said something controversial for example?
    13. g23
      I mean if he were on social media, repeatedly posting iffy statements. I've deleted people for less.
    14. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      No I would still be talking with him. Likelihood is, I would most probably be in agreement lol
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    15. g23
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    16. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      Please say you will still talk to me? :oops:
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    17. Akira
      stop being so stupid and blind you can love morrissey as an artist but the man is a pig and you cant possibly agree with his comment if you are a good person
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    18. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Jesus Brunmie, I didn’t do that on purpose just to change the meaning.
      I just quoted the passionate part cause that was what I wanted to emphasise.
      Why should I as your post was completely visible to which I replied so anyone could read the whole quote.

      No intention otherwise.
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    19. countthree
      Morrissey just expressed an opinion about Spacey, the actual abuser who must be condemned. If we respect when Morrissey says what he thinks about other issues, even when his opinions are questioned for a lot of people, we also must respect his right to express ideas we profoundly disagree with, like this one. I can't deny I was stunned at first. I must confess I even cried a little. But that's my problem.

      I don't need to say here that I like Morrissey. I can explain to myself or I share most of his opinions. But I fail to understand the difference between rape and an adult having sex with a 14 y.o. I fail to see the difference between a child with caring parents and an abandoned child, since both are equally valuable and worthy of caring. I'm 100 % sure Morrissey feels in the same way about children and the need of protecting them.

      Sadly, our societies are full of predators who ruin lives. Some of them were victims of covert abusers. The best we can do to stop those vicious cycles is trying to spot those people; expressing publicly that those actions are utterly wrong and they must be doubtlessly condemned and punished, even socially, in our contemporary societies. Without further excuses. Just because we must.

      Luckily, human beings can exchange opinions, previous ideas can be modified and thoughts can be expressed in different ways to denote true inner feelings. People must hold on to their friends, specially in moments of confussion. True friends are the ones who throw a lifesaver when you slip on the edge, but they don't help you to jump over the precipice. Because they actually care.
    20. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I think it is significantly better than WP, which remains the only Morrissey album entirely unrepresented on my iPhone.

      I’m still not that comfortable with Morrissey writing more explicitly about sex or love, mainly because I don’t think he’s particularly good at it, whether it’s exploding kegs or shaven whatever’s. I think there are four or five decent songs on Low In High School, but I do get the feeling those songs miss the old shimmering brilliance sometimes by a fraction of an inch.

      I’m not sure the best way to describe it, but as an example the first time I heard I’m Not A Man from WP I thought it missed genuine canonical excellence by a whisker, mostly because of (of all things with Morrissey) a poor choice of words. There’s a reason songwriters don’t include the word Beefaroni in their best torch songs and I’m Not A Man is a good example. What might have been a genuinely interesting meditation on what passes for manhood in the West these days, was undermined by an inability to come up with “le mot juste.”

      The thing which has always grabbed people in Morrissey songs is/was his ability to pull you into the song and immerse you in it. Every word and syllable on TQID or Strangeways or Viva Hate or Vauxhall gave the impression it was pored over with a jeweller’s eyepiece. Bengali In Platforms is an interesting example, mentioned, I believe, further up the thread. “Life is hard enough when you belong here” could easily have been replaced with “Life is hard enough when you were born here” without perhaps igniting the ire of the NME. It’s inconceivable the latter wording wasn’t considered in my opinion, but that what he wanted to say, so did.

      Too often now it seems that quality control is waning. We saw it first in the artwork, and now see it more and more often in the lyrics.

      I’m pleased he has not yet gone down the “it’s best thing I’ve ever done” route as he did with World Peace, because it isn’t by a long chalk, but it’s often pleasant enough, particularly when he stays off the subjects of politics or genitalia.
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