Morrissey's fans are not happy about his Kevin Spacey comments -

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By Uncleskinny on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:18 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    On the moors
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    1. DavidK
      That mentally ill girl who normally posts in every thread is noticeably absent.

      I think the majority of the people defending him are likely under his employ. Let's not kid ourselves; he probably scours these forums on the regular.
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    2. ForgivemeJESUS
      You must have fell into the pun intended. It' simple...
      report the crap as soon as it happens ......
    3. 001
      Just remember, if you ever become famous, never EVER give your opinion when asked about anything. If you do, you'll be misquoted and your comments will be taken out of context. Or worse! SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT AGREE WITH YOU! Not only that but SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE MAY NOT AGREE WITH YOU!

      And there's this; If you give your opinion on something that someone may have done and people disagree with your misquoted contextless comments, then they'll treat you like a criminal! They'll abuse you and throw virtual rocks at you! Yes they will! Not even joking!

      Now, back to the music!

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    4. Anonymous
      The sad thing about the Moz cultists defending/agreeing with his Spacey and Weinstein comments is this: If Moz had said the total opposite in that interview ("Spacey's a sick fuck who whould be strung up and Weinstein deserves to be in jail"), they would have been agreeing with that instead. These people are so far gone they agree with anything Moz says, whatever side of the argument he is on. He can do no wrong in their eyes, which is why they also love his appalling new album. If LIHS was by any other act they'd be laughing at it.
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    5. 001
      Hang the anon commenter! He gave his opinion on something! Get Shirley 'Fuck U' Manson to tweet something! CALL THE BBC!
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    6. Edenway
      These are the contradictions which which has been drawing 'us' to him for decades:
      He is one of us (Through his lyrics he got myself and many others through the bad times, we 'identified'.)
      Simultaneously he is not one of us.
      Let's take a good look at ourselves WE elevated him to those heights.
      You can touch me, you cannot touch me.
      He wants to be touched by the outstretched hand.
      But can you imagine him ever throwing himself upon those outstretched hands? Never.
      He will, to his detriment, be forever the outsider

      He needs to 'feel' things to write.
      The same with Billie Holliday.
      WE felt the pain and emotion.
      I do not believe he 'feels' as he once did.

      I will be in Dublin.
      I will stretch out my hand and I will forever adore.
      But he hasn't made an album since 'Ringleaders' or even 'Refusal'.
      Until that day you have nothing to say to me.
      Jeez I hate people quoting Moz!
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    7. ordinaryboy86
      Morrissey saying something so stupid doesnt surprise me, What does surprise me is the amount of seemingly intelligent people on here agreeing with him and defending his comments. I honestly cant wrap my head around how anyone can agree with him. Try telling your own child of 14 if they ever come home abused, that they shouldve known better and been more aware of what could happen etc etc.
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    8. gonzax
      I am very happy with his comments about Spacey, he didn't say anything wrong at all. There have been times when I thought "come on Mozz, shut up, for christ's sake" but not this time.
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    9. Peterb
      One of 'us'? Is that me? I thought I was one of 'them'. If Moz is both one of 'us' and not maybe he is one 'them' in which case from my perspective he's one of 'us' unless he is one of the 'other'. Maybe he's all 3. Please clarify.
    10. Peterb
      Yeah, stp
      Yeah stupid victims. We all know no means yes. Thank you for freeing us from the tyranny of the victim.
      Poor Kevin and Harvey. Maybe we should start a support group. Call it Sad Sex Offenders?
    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      The modern left do have a talent for pointing out perceived intolerance in others in the most intolerant way.
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    12. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      The Met investigating Spacey for a second alleged assault - it continues...:popcorn:
    13. Peterb
      Hi Johnny
      You know that is nonsense don't you?
      Who are the left? The PLP, Momentum, Socialist Worker party etc? Me?
      And those on the right are not Intolerant?
      Johnny, you know I love you and do not want to trade insults here with you.
      I'm sure we'd talk it through over a coffee and Danish (but not a Starbucks).
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    14. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      The left are far far worse than the right. End of.
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    15. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Yeah, consensual reality is King these days. I think of it more as a BeummieBoy invention for the sake of the argument in your debunking mission.
      You are good with words, just like a politician. You are aligning yourself with the “ good speak people “.

      I am disappointed.

      What does consensual reality means for godsake? That expression gives me the creeps Brummie!
      Flashbacks of Aldous Huxley and his “Brave new World” .
      I can’t believe you would propagate that. You must be teasing.

      I know for sure you have read it and I think with your continued debunking mission you are dismissing not only Moz but any voice that doesn’t correspond with that absolutely misleading abstraction.

      No more room for dissedent voices?
      I mean you don’t have to like them but
      just strangle them before they even can be heard? I don’t believe you are serious here. (Or are you ever?)
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    16. Jeffrey7777
      " I do not know about you but in my youth I have never been in situations like this. Never. I was always aware of what could happen." A smart man who continues to be aware of people's harshness. Very insightful as to why Mr. M and many other people are loners. To quote from Home Is A Question Mark "I hug the land, but nothing more."
    17. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      They’re both the same thing honey or sonny. So that reduces your worries with one.
    18. BrummieBoy
      Please re-read. I wrote 'consensual reality' to highlight it was a Herd Construct. I dismiss Morrissey as an incorrigible troll because he voices any opinion that will get him attention. There is no underlying logic or rationale to his views, just anything that will wind up 'consensual reality'. Given he wishes to sell consumer products and experiences to 'the masses' who constitute this 'consensual reality' it's really rather fun to watch him be given a good hiding. He has trolled 'consensual reality' since he appeared on the scene but with less and less wit, originality and grace as he has aged. He could have made a passionate defence of people accused of sexual assault without casually dismissing and denigrating the complainants. It was entirely possible to note the 'moral panic/folk devil/sex abuse hysteria' in the media without dissing individual complainants. He simply lacks the intellectual skill and moral decency to do so.
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    19. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      I dismiss Morrissey as an incorrigible troll because he voices any opinion that will get him attention.

      Those are his views though aren't they? He shouldn't need to say what he doesn't think just to not upset certain people.

      There is no underlying logic or rationale to his views, just anything that will wind up 'consensual reality'.

      Wouldn't you say he has been consistent though? I don't see anything he say's as being out of the blue for example.
    20. BrummieBoy
      I don't think there's any consistency to his worldview at all. He is superficial in his analysis of everything. If you find meaning in his babblings, good luck to you. I think 'consensual reality' has got it right at last. He is a silly troll.
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