Morrissey's demands list for Israel concert

Kerrygold Salted butter (sample photos of the butter were included with the list)

The photos of the butter made me laugh harder than they should:D:p
I know this is an old thread but I have thought about this nearly everytime I go to the market and see Fiji water.

I find it very reasonable and actually very logical that he chooses something like Fiji water.

What is the reason most people choose bottled water? They think local water below standard, for whatever reason. Possibly convenience.

Why do travelers choose bottled water? The thought is that local water may have, for lack of a better word, "contaminants"; the traveler will get stomach upset from the local water.

What is bottled water much of the time? Local or regional water sometimes treated, but not necessarily or always.

What is a given about Fiji water? It comes from Fiji and is relatively speaking, always the same.

So, no matter where one travels, if one has Fiji water, they know what they are drinking.

That's my 2 cents...I know I have too much time on my hands.
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