Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube



(posted on SER's YT channel).

This is definitely a never seen before, direct to camera discussion from Moz.
Chart position, Der Spiegel, questioned by the American Secret Service as a result - possibly no free access to the US!?
"Whatever will be in 2018 will be..."

Media coverage:
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The Queen gave all of her staff puds from Tesco this year. That cheap c***!

Mozzer looks so sad. I do feel bad for him. But at the end of the day the reason his music does not sell is not due to bad press, but rather because it lacks mass appeal. He has his devoted fans but apart from them no one will rush out to buy his cd on the merits of spent the day or Jackie, which are even by his standards, very average.

But people are cruel. Then again, he can be cruel too. I suppose there is that apt cliche which I won't choose to use here. He did put his foot in this mouth this year; and it is very sad that at this time he should be enjoying the fruits of his labours, but is being derided instead. But under no pretense is this some random assault - it was quite warranted, unfortunately.

Get well Morrissey.

joe frady

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Is it very shallow of me that the main thing that í took away from that 8 minutes is ~
"Is that the same couch from Camden '94?"



Must be back at his Mother's. That's nice...

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You're welcome Moz and thanks for everything.
Thank ya for taking a stand against Turkey murder.
Thank ya for the purifying musical jewels.
Thank ya for not bein' another one of these rooty-toot entertainers.
The Purified Turkey has always got love for ya.


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Great, honest Moz!
You get what you see.
And Yes, the campaign was over once the hateful and politically motivated reviews came in.
Der Spiegel killed it effectively.

Anyway, he will rise, he will return as Sinéad O’Connor once sang.


OMG, he thinks he is the Queen now. (((Secret Service))) did not like that he did not follow what was stated when handed the keys in Israel.

Feels the same as me about victims of terror forgotten in seconds which is awful. He says farewell to USA and probably to his career as well as he is indeed not well at all which is clear to see.

Raging mad feminist male fans have been found out of late here in Sweden so the book in background gave me the creeps.
What is his ongoing obsession with the stupid charts? We’ve been hearing about this since the 1980’s. He absolutely knows they are meaningless, yet continues to look to them for some sort of validation. Devoted fans and a massive net worth not enough? Very petty and strange!

Also, how he’s allowed to get away with the ‘rape capital’ comment is truly amazing. He drops such charged comments, knowing he will get a reaction, only to play the misunderstood victim afterwards... so frustrating!

Heading for the exit indeed!
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go out

to yooooooooooooooooou!



:fist: stay STRONG Mozzy! :fist:

Happiness, health, and love for you! in 2018 !




Look at where his pathetic attempt at record courtship got him. Time to direct some blame where it lives. Der Spiegel simply let his own words hang him. Grow up, ffs, Morrissey! He's really washing his dirty mental laundry in public here. He could do with starting to sympathise with other people in far worse trouble, and not just his tragic hometown lost who of course deserve commemoration. Terrorist victims are generally not forgotten. We're not children without world experience to draw on and check his statements against. Not most of us, anyway.

I've a flu too, for the last month, so the self-pity isn't working on me. He blamed Kristeen Young once for passing a cold to him, which was so insane he has surely admitted so himself since. I've heard Jacky... played quite a few times on the radio in the last few weeks. The record hasn't done all that badly, and the shows sold well. Heaven knows I'm miserable now, is finally turning into the character narrating this video. It doesn't have to be like this if he could just focus on the music and decide to present himself as a decent human being. All those victims of abuse and statelessness he trivialises: they need to be loved, just like everybody else does. Wake up, dopey Mozzer!
What is his ongoing obsession with the stupid charts? We’ve been hearing about this since the 1980’s. He absolutely knows they are meaningless, yet continues to look to them for some sort of validation. Devoted fans and a massive net worth not enough?

I am also very confused by his obsession with the charts... In every phase of his career, it seems like something that haunts him (or at least so it seems from reading his Autobiography and archived interviews from the 1980s and 1990s). I have never once, in my admittedly brief time spent as a serious music fan, looked up where records or bands are placed in the charts. It's never been a thought in my mind. I imagine it must be important to him because he grew up looking at the charts? But in these times with so much exposure to different bands and records, it's simply not necessary to consult the charts to see who is selling and who is not. It does not make the slightest impression.

I wish Morrissey could be happy with his rightfully earned place in music history and as a pioneer of indie music, but it seems that it's not enough. It is sad to watch.


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The album campaign which started well got off the rails once the negativity surrounding his political views gathered ground. And the BBC stopped playing him. So it’s not just the bad chart position that’s bothering him.

As an artist he feels hurt that this great album was not appreciated as it should have been, both chart- and reviewswise.

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Apparently if you don’t publicly threaten the life of the President of the United States the Secret Service leave you alone.


I reckon those Nazis really tried to stick it to old Uncle Steve. Don't forget Nazis and other assorted foreigners, Americans always win. I like the kind words he gave to the Secret Service. Oh and by the by chaps. Don't get excited anti-American terrorists. The video was recorded at the lobby close to the Cavatina restaurant at The Sunset Marquis, so I don't know how Steve is going to "enter the US again" when he lives in Malibu and I just said "what up dawg" to lil' Sammy while he was taking photos of himself at the LA River.

Another fan struggling clutching at straws. I wonder if Trump will find you next and call you a terrorist and send you to the darkest of the dark in England which is Bradford.

Tea and scones with Skinny make up for it though!

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