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When this thread turned sushi 'booooooooo' (on courtesy of Morrissey at Summer Sonic Festival 2002) thread?
I suppose Mozza's own pun "You Ate the Curry" (You Are the Quarry) made in Dublin 2004 is too obvious. Or was it mentioned already? Apologies, if so. My eyes are going in my old age...

I remember in Bradford 2002, he made a comment about the "lovely" things we had in modern life such as topless tandooris. That was even funnier to me because I had just treated the support band to a meal at an Indian restaurant (I had a very good veggie curry) and earlier, my mate and I were kicking around the silly idea of owning a strip club where good music is played since we had spent our night off in Leeds looking at flesh. We were on our version of the Panic tour since we stayed in places like Birmingham, Leeds, and Dundee, singing to each other in the tune of Panic "the Leeds strip club poles that you slide down".

It's a pity that Moz himself cannot stand spicy food, especially when Indian cuisine is so veggie friendly.
Back to the Old Hoisin

The Peel Szechuans! *groan*

Bonus: Wok Difference Does it Make?

Bonus: Choi Sum Girls are Bigger Than Others
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You Should have Been Rice to Me

Do Your Best and Don't Curry

(*quick peek into the Polish restaurant across the road*: Yes, I Am Blinis!)
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