Morrissey's Confessions: Interview with Rolling Stone México

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    Las confesiones de Morrissey - Rolling Stone México

    Pronto estará en nuestro país. Mientras tanto, nos habló sobre sus héroes, del éxito que ha tenido a lo largo de su carrera, las reglas de su vida y otros temas.

    Google Translate to English posted in comments below.
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    1. vegan.cro

      why didn't moderator (or DT=commander-in-chief ) react against this scum-post?
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    2. Anonymous
      Page after page of sniping rage
      An English singe or an American tinge
      "There's a publisher, " she said, " the new year"
      (It's never in this year)
    3. rifke
      i wonder what he is referring to when he says "classical" poets. i can think of several poets throughout every age who were very political. i also dont know of any who had any special aversion to soccer. keats, certainly, was very sporty. he would often get into fist fights, even. keats, the little sissy! fist fights!

      maybe, morrissey, you should call me and we'll discuss it. i feel that it's important that we get this cleared up, post haste!

      by the way, mozzer, my favourite books when i was little were raggedy ann and andy (soon to be followed by amelia bedelia and then the berenstein bears). i liked the one where they got into the pantry and ate all the jam. i always wanted to do that but, alas, we did not have a pantry, and anyway, jam, you know, is not very good on it's own.
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    4. rifke
      oh! and HOme for a Bunny! i cant believe i forgot that one! oh it's precious! it's about a bunny who goes looking for a home! oh man, that groundhog is such a jerk.

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    5. SeniorLife
      Some people run on a treadmill because they like it, and it makes them feel good; not to just be 'fit'. Some people hit the bottle.
      I usually try to be nice, but this comment is just.....stupid.
      When you run on a treadmill, by the way, you are employing your release your brains natural endorphin's.
      And you don't even need a treadmill. You can just go outside.

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    6. Anonymous

      And you don't even need a treadmill. You can just go outside.

      Did you employ your brain when you wrote your argument? It was the whole point of my post. You don't need to pay for any exercise. It's everywhere around you if you're smart enough to recognize it.
      When the question was presented to Morrissey, it was (I assume) suggested that he has a personal trainer or goes to the gym or has a nutritionist just like any typical celebrity. I know he goes for walks and that's how he keeps in shape and he doesn't need to spend a penny to do that.
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    7. celibate

      She is definately still the most important person in life for Morrissey, his Mother, so she'll have a bankacount for a holding/co. in the Netherlands, as U2 and the Rolling Stones have, and others
    8. celibate
      Watership Down, time to rent it again...
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    9. SeniorLife
      That's reasonable. I think I understand what your were saying now a little better. My point was just because someone chooses to pay for a gym membership shouldn't be knocked; because that may what they like. I would have to run on a treadmill during winter months due to ice. I didn't consider the treadmill 'silly'.

      If you think that was an argument, you have been cheated in your life a real argument. Intellectual, well-thought out opinions and exchanges of views are far and few between here. I should have known better.

      Why am I giving time to an ANON? Now that would be something to argue.
    10. Anonymous
      B. Potter's Peter Rabbit and other stories were favourites in my house. My son brought one to school for show and tell when he was 5 and none of his classmates knew what the book was about. Kids read utter garbage these days. Really quite sad.
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    11. Anonymous
      1. 1.
        an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.
        "I've had an argument with my father"
        synonyms: quarrel, disagreement, squabble, fight, dispute, wrangle, clash, altercation, feud, contretemps, disputation, falling-out; More

      2. 2.
        a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.
        "there is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal"
        synonyms: reasoning, justification, explanation, rationalization;

      the latter applies to the word I used. You better go back to your treadmill.
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    12. DavidK
      I just paid $600 dollars for 2 floor seats to see Depeche Mode in September. 60,000 seat stadium and the avg ticket price was about $200 (not resale tickets either).
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    13. rifke
      i've always heard the title watership down, but i had no idea it was about rabbits! i might have to check it out...
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    14. Anonymous
      Depeche Mode don't care about money either, I see a pattern forming here!
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    15. marred
      Well said. Treadmills are so 1980s anyway.
    16. marred
      It is actually possible to earn money, spend it as you need and not really care about it that much.

      Hmm, people dissecting every comment Morrissey says and totally misinterpreting them? I think I see a pattern forming.
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    17. Anonymous
      Would you kindly keep your nose out
      The rich must profit and get richer
      And the poor must stay poor
      Oh, you poor little fool
    18. Anonymous
      Gyms can be nice social spots as well. Especially for he reluctant exerciser as they are usually full of people who will help keep you motivated. Water ship down is still great but I don't know if I have a fav kids book. Read most of the ones mentioned here and still have my potter box collection as well as the usual young boy books like the choose your own adventures and hardy boys books where no matter what your interest they had a book based around it. Used to really like a book called eat your poison dear about a lunchroom mystery where kids were getting sick and the kids investigate. Also the scary stories to tell in the dark were always favorites. The illustrations were pretty unique
    19. SeniorLife
      Let it go, my friend.

      You must move on. You took the bait, but I am ready to take you off the hook and let you swim again.
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    20. Anonymous
      Don't flatter yourself.

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