Morrissey's Confessions: Interview with Rolling Stone México

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    Las confesiones de Morrissey - Rolling Stone México

    Pronto estará en nuestro país. Mientras tanto, nos habló sobre sus héroes, del éxito que ha tenido a lo largo de su carrera, las reglas de su vida y otros temas.

    Google Translate to English posted in comments below.
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    1. Anonymous
      i guarantee that at least one person on the guestlist has just ordered an expensive copy of otterbury to hand to morrissey onstage.
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    2. marred
      My god it just goes so far over your head you can barely make it out.
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    3. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Until now all he said it was "written".
      So I guessed it needed recording, but no label would do it.
      Now he says, it is "finished".
      So it only needs to be released? :confused:
      Or did he mean the same, meaning "finished is written"?
      Hard to believe it has been recorded as nothing, not a tiny slip of news about that has been leaked.

      I think it is almost impossible to keep it secret as so many people are involved.
      But we will see, maybe some of it will leak in the nearby future.
      Just like Trump and his Russian deal. :D
      Mind you, if even the CIA and the FSB can't keep a secret, how can camp Moz? :p
    4. Anonymous
      I agree and think it probably means written or perhaps home demoed with a band member. If he'd already rented a studio or a producer/engineer I think we'd have heard about it. Personally I hope he's able to get joe from world peace back on board
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    5. Anonymous
      I speak softly and never scream.
      His voice is the finest on the planet. The way he speaks could end all the misery in the world.:love:
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    6. Anonymous
      Smart man for not stepping on the silly treadmill. I admire people who keep fit by not paying for it. There really is no need for gyms if you employ your brain.
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    7. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      A nice short little interview. The man seems rather chilled. There is certainly a sea change towards how he now sees The Smiths compared to only a short time ago.
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    8. ACTON
      I'd say that you are right. He always seemed tight fisted when it came to money. I can't blame him for trying to keep a grip on it but a lot of people who worked with him said getting paid was like getting blood from a stone. The numerous shit compilations and shit dvds and very short concerts could be just another way of saying "Give us your money". I could be wrong....I could be right. May the road rise with you.
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    9. Anonymous
      For crying out loud, that bod and no working out? Impossible. Love the photo in article, he does love showing off his chest, doesn't he?
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I agree.
      World peace was very well produced.
      Better then YOR and ROTT.
      Not that they were bad but Worldpeace was better.
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    11. Anonymous
      His money is all paid to his mum who distributes it equally around the family. Fact.
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    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
    13. Anonymous
      This arrangement can't go on forever, he'll be free to come out in the future it's just a waiting game on "Our Betty"

      BtBB :greatbritain::knife:
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    14. Anonymous
      He doesn't care about money yet ticket prices are £70 plus in Manchester last time for 80 minutes on stage. I would say he cares very much about money.
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    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'Or did he mean the same, meaning "finished is written"?
      Hard to believe it has been recorded as nothing, not a tiny slip of news about that has been leaked.'

      probably right. I was just trying to post a positive comment after trying to read such an awful article.(and google translate does not help) Most interviewers are just phoning it in or trying to be more important than the person they're interviewing. And since these are done by email you would think they would do their fucking homework.
      When the questions are good or interesting then the answers are good, or at least you can tell that M is enjoying himself answering them, which is rare. He probably said yes to doing this interview because it was Rolling Stone. Otherwise I can't see why he bothered.

      And to those who think he spends all day thinking up witty answers to these questions, give me break. If the interviewer is good then he
      can be just as witty and quick in email interviews as he is in person.
    16. Anonymous
      L O L ! :laughing: All you need is me Ketchup Arse !
      Get back in the mushroom cupboard at once and try to be original in future ! You are guilty as 4ck posting in my shadow using the ending "Next!" And now the laughing moji's:rofl:

      Is that the best you can do ?

      F U !

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

      NEXT !
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    17. Anonymous
      Laughing out very loud sat on the throne doing a number two :laughing:
      Thanks for keeping it real.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    18. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'What would you have liked to hear about the music industry in the beginning?
      Making money is easy, relatively. But in fact, having it in your hands and disposing of it is incredibly difficult.'

      this does need a better translation. But I don't read it as him saying that making money is easy for people in this world.
    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'Another e-mail 'interview' going to show the isolation of Morrissey to everyday folks.'

      Even if he wasn't in the position he is in now I can never see him as one of the 'everyday folks'.

      Thank god ! M is not one of the 'everyday folks'.

      Having said that, just who are these 'everyday folks' that are not emailing to the outside world from their little castles of isolation?

      But then again, you're not to blame.
      You're just a human, a victim of the insane.

      We're afraid of everyone,
      Afraid of the sun.

      we got to live together...

      in isolation.
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    20. joe frady
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