Morrissey's Confessions: Interview with Rolling Stone México

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    Las confesiones de Morrissey - Rolling Stone México

    Pronto estará en nuestro país. Mientras tanto, nos habló sobre sus héroes, del éxito que ha tenido a lo largo de su carrera, las reglas de su vida y otros temas.

    Google Translate to English posted in comments below.
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      Morrissey's Confessions

      Soon he will be in our country. Meanwhile, he told us about his heroes, the success he has had throughout his career, the rules of his life and other issues.

      | March 24 2017

      There are few times when one can approach Steven Patrick Morrissey . Controversial, talented, sincere, sarcastic and vegetarian. The waiting comes alive. "Being patient over time is the best advice I've been given. It's surprising how it all changes, "says the English musician. And it was, he finally spoke.

      Morrissey is closer than ever, his voice will embrace us in intimate sessions beyond festivals: March 29 at the Citibanamex Auditorium (Monterrey), 31 at the Palacio de los Deportes (Mexico City) and April 4 at the Metropolitan Auditorium (Puebla).

      That heroic figure will save us from the tedium of this urban life. He will take us to " Suedehead ," " Everyday is Like Sunday ," " First of the Gang to Die, " and " You Have Killed Me ." Fortunately, many could be their own heroes."They are those who write well, who speak well and who defend animals. That's the key to everything, "he says.

      You live on tour, traveling constantly. Are you worried about your health? Eric Clapton told us about some discomfort he had in his hand and back for his long tours.
      Your hearing is diminishing by the high levels of sound in the concerts. The lights fry your hair and your contact lenses, so yes, it's a concern somehow.

      Do you have any diet or exercise regimen?
      Absolutely not. Never.

      What was your favorite book as a child?
      A book called The Otterbury Incident (by Cecil Day-Lewis), which is now impossible to find.

      What music moves you these days?
      Music made by people who consider it a privilege to spend time in the studio. There are not many artists like that!

      What do you do to relax?
      I never relax. It is impossible.

      What is your most English characteristic?
      I speak softly and never scream. My choice of drink is always a tea. I've never had coffee in my life.

      What is the most forgiving expense you have allowed?
      I have had enough cars, but in general the money does not interest me.

      What did you learn at the beginning of your career that helped you later?
      According to the laws of nature, no matter how high scales, there will always be people who do not support you and you can not do anything about it.

      What are the rules that govern your life?
      I do my best not to relate to people. It only brings problems.

      How often do they ask you about a meeting of The Smiths?
      People hardly mention it.

      What was the best part of The Smiths' success?
      It's surreal for me to think that it happened. Everything moved very fast. It was never premeditated or false, so they never put us on the radio. Even in 2017, if you listen to The Smiths or Morrissey on the radio it's as if the DJ has committed a radical act.

      What has been the best and the worst of success in your career as a soloist?
      I have enjoyed it very much, artistically. But I have been avoided by labels that I find extremely confusing. I still do not feel the music has been touted.

      What would you be doing if you were not a rockstar?
      Hopefully he would be dead.

      What do you enjoy the most: composing, working in the studio or being on stage?
      Being on stage. No minute is like the previous one, there is a kind of chaos and everything can happen. Sometimes it seems more like a commotion on the street than a concert.

      What would you have liked to hear about the music industry in the beginning?
      Making money is easy, relatively. But in fact, having it in your hands and disposing of it is incredibly difficult.

      Do you consider that in a state of sadness the creativity is taken to the extreme and it gives place to better compositions?
      Yes. All classical writers or poets lived in agony or sleeplessness. None played soccer, none was political.

      Are you religious?
      I decide what to think.

      What aspects of your life did you have to sacrifice?
      I did not exist until I started to sing and people listened to me. There was nothing of value left behind.

      How is the production of your biographical tape?
      I'm not involved in the movie. I know almost nothing about it, is it about me?

      How has James Baldwin influenced you?
      I am truly impressed by the people who can master the art of public speaking and also by being revolutionaries in doing so. No notes, only with the power of his voice and the effect of his words. I think it's a magnificent gift. James Baldwin owns it.

      Your Mexican fans are waiting for a new album, will you surprise them soon?
      It is completely finished. But so far there are no record companies that want to compromise with a Morrissey album. We live in the most banal cultural age.

      Finally, what advice would you give your Mexican followers?
      Our intelligence has been insulted by the choice of Trump and his administration, but do not resign yourself to not feeling. It can not last. He destroys himself day after day. With God's help and neuroscience, Trump's predicament will be gone soon.


      Monterrey and Puebla live!

      Rolling Stone and OCESA will give you one of the double tickets for your concerts in Monterrey and Puebla. Only answer the following questions correctly:

      1. On what album is the song " Spring-Heeled Jim "?
      2. When was your most recent concert in Mexico?
      3. What books have you published?
      4. Who wrote the article "Entire Institution" (Martyn Ware) in our magazine?
      5. Who appears in our current section of Rolling Style?

      Send your answers and complete data to [email protected]. In the subject states: "Morrissey in (the place of the concert that interests you)".

    2. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      god help google translate. :straightface:

      album finished.:) new songs... maybe he'll do one or two at the next shows. fingers crossed.
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    3. Anonymous
      What happen ?! He seemed to be in a good mood in the first interview! "Fequently happy"?

      Really excited to see him again, hopefully the shows will excite him too.
    4. Advice Animals
      Advice Animals
      That book, The Otterbury Incident, is on Amazon. The hardcover is about $70 but there is a paperback for $3.
    5. unloveable
      Awesome new interview
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      A scanned pdf is available online if you know where to look ;) - it's based on the French film 'Nous Les Gosses'.
      (should add: the Author cites the film as the inspiration - as often films come from books and not the other way round).
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    7. Anonymous
      No diet, no coffee ever?! Oh Morrissey, you!
    8. SeniorLife
      Many a persons could learn from this interview. I am speaking of persons who 'interview'. Short questions, to the point, and let the 'interviewee' be the focus, as it should be. There is a place for long interview questions; an interview with Morrissey is not one of them. Well done.

      Exciting to hear again that new music has been composed. I think most people who take the emotion out of it, and just look at the's not hard to imagine why a record company might be hesitant to sign Morrissey, unfortunately for us. But it's like he really can't figure out why they are hesitant.

      When certain Major League Baseball players were denying that they had used steroids, but it was so obvious they had used them, some psychologist made mention of a phenomenon that if someone denies something for so long, they actually start to believe themselves, even though they are not telling the truth.

      Sometimes I wonder.
    9. Uncleskinny
      His comments on money are laughable. Firstly, money doesn't interest him? Utter bollocks. And making money is easy, relatively? I know plenty of people struggling to make a penny. Another e-mail 'interview' going to show the isolation of Morrissey to everyday folks.
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    10. Anonymous
      For someone who thinks that he is a money grasping asshole it's no surprise that you had to comment on this part of the interview.
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    11. Uncleskinny
      For someone who drools like one of Pavlov's dogs anticipating my every post, you're a predictable asshole, so it's no surprise you had to comment on my post.
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    12. Surface
      Apart from the money comments, i enjoyed reading that, none of the silly bullshit he has spouted in the past.
    13. Susan Powter
      Susan Powter
      I think the interview might seem different if you could hear him saying these things. He claims he doesn't care about money and has no diet regimen but he also says that no one ever asks about The Smiths, when they do almost every interview. I would think being vegan would count as a diet regimen.
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    14. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Disappointed to hear that the deal with that punk label fell through. It's the same old SOS...
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    15. Anonymous
      FAKE NEWS ! (Fake, fake, fatal fake)

      Another fake interview :laughing: who does he think he is Kim Jon ung giving an interview to his nation of bots ? :clap:

      What the 4ck is "soccer" ? :head-smack:

      The new album must be shitter than World Piss if the labels are keeping him at arms length.
      L O L at all the bots soiling their underwear at the thought of a new album.

      Stockyard, churchyard
      Your mammy's backside

      Kiss my arse Steve
      Kiss my arse Steve
      And when you've kissed it
      Kiss it all over again

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife: (keeping it real)

      P S. Don't forget to change the lyric to "Throwing my arms around London" in tribute to Westminster Steven :thumb:
      God save the Queen
      (Q the bots now to press their lazy troll buttons, too jaded to question Steves fakeness :angry:)
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    16. Anonymous
      Hello Susan.

      The vegan thing is yet again FAKE NEWS :eek:

      Search #Cheesegate.

      The truth is there for all to see.

      BtBB :greatbritain::knife:
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    17. Anonymous
      :ahhh: :ahhh:SPOILER ALERT ! SPOILER ALERT ! :ahhh: :ahhh:

      The new album by Fakin Steven is called "Womanchester"

      Track listing

      1. Big lad bag lad

      2. Tina was a smokescreen

      3. Womanchester

      4. How much is diesel these days

      5. Rentakill rent boy

      6. Smell of tuna

      7. Good looking kegs

      8. Manual Manlove

      9. Comehead

      10. The ballad of Bstard Ben

      11. Botlove

      Come on record labels sign him up.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    18. King Leer
      King Leer
      I think he definitely cares about money in two respects: when there's a dispute (obviously), and in order to maintain his lifestyle of being able to eff off wherever and whenever he likes.

      But I've never seen Morrissey as cash-driven, have you? A Smiths reformation would've set him up for life and enabled him to indulge in all his adolescent rubber ring dreams. Chart positions and a record label team beavering away on the new Morrissey disc are far, far more appealing to him that dineros.

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    19. Anonymous
      It seemed like the diet question was connected to health and his choice of being vegan seems to be an ethical choice. He might not eat a healthy diet though being vegan he default might make it more so than anothers. He could have a sweet tooth for instance. At least that's what I took from it. As for money sure he's been fairly well off for a long time but like leer said he could have cashed in a long while ago when everyone else in the band wanted to. He might not be able to relate to being a struggling everyman but he's also not exactly the money grubbing flaunting pop star either. I imagine the most valuable thing his money buys him is his privacy. He does obviously care about money disputes but it seems equally obvious that it about pride and winning what he thinks is justice. Would have been a lot cheaper to not have paid all those lawyers through seemingly endless appeals with Joyce. Even if he'd had won it would have almost cost him the cash part of the settlement in fees alone
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