Morrissey's Christmas Songs

Here are a few suggestions from another thread:

'I'm OK By My Elf' (copyright I Am A Ghost)
'Accept Your Elf' (copyright Kewpie)
'First of the Elves to Die' (copyright modrevolve)
'My Reindeerest Love' (copyright Uncle Skinny)

And a couple I just thought of myself:

'The Father Christmas Who Must Be Killed'
'I Have Forgiven Santa'
''Now My Stocking Is Full'

Anymore? :D
December Spawned a Elf
I Know Christmas Is Gonna Happen Someday
Hold On To Your Presents
The Lazy Santa's Helpers
Xmas Cracker On Fire
Grotto Gates
Heaven Knows I'm Festive Now
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'Reel Around the Christmas Tree'
'The Hand that Rocks the Manger'
'Born To Hang Ornaments'
'Children in Pageants'
'Christmas Dancer'
'Reindeer Least Likely To (a song of Rudolph)'
Whoops! :o

Reindeer God, Please Help Me
I Know It's Snowing
When I Last Went To Carol
This Charming Mistletoe
Paint A Merry Picture
Yes I Am Jolly
Sleigh-ride, Maudlin Street
I Have Forgiven Baby Jesus
Interesting Nog
Frost (or Papa Jack Frost)
To Me You Are A Christmas Card
I Won't Share Yule
Three Kings' Leer
Chestnuts In Pieces
Good-Looking Snowman About Town
Hand In Mitten
I Just Want To See The Little Drummer Boy Happy
Now My Stocking's Full
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'Honey You Know Where to Find the Presents (no matter how hard I try to hide them)'
'I Don't Mind If You Forget Me (but I won't be giving you a present next year)'
'I Won't Share My Gifts'
'I'll Never Be Anybody's Secret Santa Now'
'It's Not Thanksgiving Anymore'
'King Herod'
'Last Night I Dreamt That Santa Visited'
'Little Elf, What Now?'
'The Hannukah Boys'
'Paint a Holiday Picture'
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