Morrisseys California son versus Bowies Pinups


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In light of anything interesting being posted lately i wondered what you thought about what was the best put together of cover versions. I have no doubt that Morrissey was doing a Bowie on this by bringing out a cover version album of his favorite songs as Bowie had done in 73. I think they only decent song on Bowies LP was Sorrow whereas Morrissey made all the songs his own.
yip cali son is a very good collection of songs.some of his best singing of his career.
Song choices on Pinups were way better than on California Son.
I have never listened to Pinups so can't compare but Cali Son is a very good album, it could have been stronger if 2 or 3 songs had been swapped for stronger material though.
It's a pretty simple thing to go ahead and pick California Son.
Moz picked more interestin' songs and gave each once a unique twist and production.
Pin Ups is kinda cool but I'll just listen to it once and then I don't need to listen to it for awhile.
Pin Ups sounds like he was tryin' to make a rock opera with other folks songs.
I never listen to Pin Ups but out of the two it definitely has the better cover design.
I think both albums are among the lows of their careers. Bowie's production on Pinups is weird, but Morrissey's on California Son is worse: it's clean and generic.
California Son is patchy, but has some beautiful songs on it. It’s not among Morrissey’s best albums, but not among his weakest either.

Pinups is poor. Really poor. One of Bowie’s least appealing albums.
Bowie is amazing, but the formula of Bowie + Covers never worked.
I don't know why, it is hard to understand it, it is as if the whole of his talent goes away as soon as he sings a cover of whatever.
(his cover of "I know it's gonna happen..." is simply impossible to listen).

California Son is an amazing album, I only dislike the song with the Green Day singer (I don't blame him, I don't blame Morrissey, I probably can't like the song even if a superband of ALL my favourite musicians were playing it together). The rest of the album is fantastic.
Other than that, his selection was VERY surprising for me... I expected something closer to his "Under the Influence" compilation. I love the album, but I can't say I am in love with most of the original songs (I love the versions of Morrissey, but it's even more interesting to listen to a cover when you also like the originals too).

Somehow off topic, but one of the greatest albums of covers I can name is Kicking against the Pricks by Nick Cave... I think it was almost a manifesto, because he was still labeled as a darwave singer... and he suddenly released an album that could have been titled "f*** the goths" (though nobody was really using the word "goth" by then).

Anyway, in the non existent poll, my vote definitely goes for Morrissey.

Other than that, this thread is almost 15 days old by now... where is Skinny explaining that the album was released simply because he wanted money and also trying to find out which one is the neo-nazi message behind the songs???

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