Morrissey's "Brother"

He bears a resemblance to oor Morrissey, doesn't he? I know he's not related, but he looks like he could be.

Yep I think there's def a resemblence. More so in this pic maybe than in the one I posted before:


I loved that Blackpool series! He was so charismatic in that
My Mom recorded some of the clips of Morrissey's coverage. She watches this awful FOX LA Morning show. My Mom tells me Jillian on the show had a mention of Morrissey's "brother." I said, Morrissey doesn't have a brother. My Mom said "Yes, Jillian said he has a brother named David and he is an actor." I told my mother to stop watching uninformed shows. I went over to my parent's house and watched the clip and sure enough Jillian says David Morrissey is his brother and was in Basic Instinct or Basic Instinct 2...

I'm sure Mozzer will be thrilled with the news!:lbf:
where did you get it from?
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