Morrissey's Blood Type


My secret's my enzyme.
I bet you a dollar it's AB negative. :D

I've been working on this one for three days, can Mozipedia confirm?


According to Meat Is Murder tour programme Q&A, Morrissey is type O.
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My secret's my enzyme.
Dammit. I'm type O-. :tears:

What the eff is AB negative? Am I being negative maybe? I need a break from this sign seeing shit. :p


My secret's my enzyme.
Yeah but is he eskimO negative or eskimO positive? This information helps his resume.

singer/song writer/universal donor

Also, do I owe Kewpie a dollar? :p


My secret's my enzyme.
I find it disturbing that this is a thread.

Even more disturbing that someone knows the answer.

I almost didn't post it. I think maybe I dd because I was sipping a beer. It's just a joke.

It does sound stalkery, I'm thinking about starting a facebook group about Morrissey's blood type. :p


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I feel by reading this thread I have ascended/descended to a new not so healthy level of fandom!

My thoughts exactly. :o We're just getting one step closer to collecting toenail clippings and dirty bathwater... :blushing:

I thought his blood type was Irish, he even wrote a ruddy song about it!

I wonder what medical complications could arise from trying to pump Irish blood through an English heart? :p


My secret's my enzyme.
It was a joke. I was joking.
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